SLSC Newsletter – Week #4

  The final week of July approaches – (where has this summer gone?!) – but as we wave goodbye to the month, we can enjoy arguably the greatest week hosted by the SLSC. Featured in the seven days to come: a celebration of produce, a dance from the past, and our monumental home-court regatta. Regattas Yesterday, … Read more

SLSC Newsletter – Week #3

We had a terrific second week of sailing club, and we’re rounding the corner around the summer’s upwind mark as we speed through the first quarter of our season. Incredible things are coming up; regattas near and far, a legendary fun day, and the instructors are hosting a dance!? What a cliff-hanger — read on!   Tuesday … Read more

July 12th Sunday Afts

Our first Sunday Afternoon Races will be taking place tomorrow… this Sunday afternoon! It’s always a hoot. Typically, “Sunday Afts” (which is what the kids call it) starts at 1PM. However, we are sharing the date with the Sturgeon Point Union Church’s 100th Anniversary — an epic milestone in this village’s history. So as to not cause … Read more

SLSC Newsletter — Week #1

Long-winded introduction “We cannot direct the wind, but we can adjust our sails.” I was stuck in irons all winter. Sails were luffing. Couldn’t bear off. Nor head up. Sometimes going backwards. It was a cruel and heartless season, and I only found warmth in the notion that the summer at Sturgeon is just a … Read more