Newsletter Week 4

Newsletter Week 4




Once again, another amazing week at the Sturgeon Lake Sailing Club. It’s hard to imagine a more perfect job existing on this planet, so we are truly lucky to be working here with such amazing kids. We are currently working our way through the fourth and final week of July, a week that SLSC holds very near to our hearts. It is full of tradition and features a legendary Funday and a “funky” dance. This weekend also features an amazing community event that will be elaborated upon shortly.




These past couple weeks have been a grand display of racing from Backshed sailors as well as those enrolled with Michael in the bronze 4 lounge (Cansail 3-5 for those unaware of the sailing club jargon). These teams travelled far and wide and also not far nor wide after participating both in Toronto, and out of our very own SLSC. Once at these events our teams performed above and beyond expectations! Great work sailors!


Tuesday movie night


We all know the drill, Tuesday movie night starts at 6:30 and ends at 8:30, entrance costs 1$ and please remember to bring a container for juice and a couple extra bucks if candy is something you desire.


This week is to feature Home, a tale of an alien making his way to earth then eventually getting home? (full disclosure I didn’t see the movie) and the second feature a couple of episodes of the hit tv show “The Office” where we will all enjoy the thrilling antics of Michael Scott of the Dunder Mifflin Paper Company.


Wednesday Fun day: Fruit Olympics


Praised as being the best funday by many who call this place home. This Wednesday will feature fruit themed festivities that will take place in an Olympic style format with teams competing in Orange passing, apple bobbing, lime swimming, water melon footballing and car push banana eating. Come dressed as your favourite fruit or in your best Olympic athlete garb to show solidarity with the most legendary and creative funday SLSC has to offer.


Wednesday Night Races


As always, Wednesday nights begin at 6:30 and go till 8:30 and s’mores will be available for racers after they compete in a sunset soaked evening of racing. Also be sure to thank Jacob Webster who was been somehow bestowed the honor of hosting every Wednesday night race. Thanks Jacob!


Friday Night Dance: Disco Dance


Another classic to add to the most tradition-filled week here at SLSC, this Friday will be the legendary Disco Dance. Be sure to attend sporting your best ‘80s themed outfits and be sure to bring your dancing shoes because once the disco starts it don’t stop till ya drop. More seriously the groovy times will begin at 7:00 and will run till 9:00. Entrance cost one dollar and pop and freezies are available for sale as well.


Civic Regatta


This weekend is host to our annual civic regatta and BBQ / Prizegiving. A brilliant community event as old as time itself, anyone is welcome to come out and and race for a chance to have your name immortalized on the trophies and plates that are cycled through the generations (or just kept at Richard Roberts house if we’re talking about the laser fleet). The following day, everyone is welcome to an evening BBQ at the illustrious Rose Hill where we will also be dishing out the aforementioned hardware. Looking forward to seeing everyone there!


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Closing thoughts


I should think about creating a permanent reminder… but as always be sure to be hydrated, well fed and protected by the sun all days you come to sailing club. Additionally, make sure to get a good nights rest to ensure you are well energized for arguably the biggest and best week of sailing club.


Of course its difficult to believe we’ve already entered into our fourth week of sailing club but thankfully many of the best times are still to come. Now that things have started to settle a little bit, I believe the instructor team has really begun to hit its stride and we are looking forward to making this week and the month of august the best this sailing club has ever seen!


Much love,


Graeme Shea

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