Junior CANSail Program

2024 Summer Sailing Program for Kids

In 2024, we return to all activities that make the SLSC program something special….movie nights, fun days, dances, morning games and all the good stuff.

We will keep a flexible approach as we firm up the program details in the coming months, and work with guidance provided by Sail Canada and Ontario Sailing, as well as the Ontario Government, should we need to refine our programs and protocols.

If this is all new, or you’ve had a long pause, get up to speed with the Parent Handbook before registering to familiarize yourself with our sailing programs.

Program Highlights:

  • All sessions will be one week
  • Return of Learn to Race program for kids in CANSail 2 and 3
  • Return of the Senior Race Team for the CANSail 4 / 5 / 6 sailors who love racing and want to go to the regattas.

Returning Sailors

You should have a Checklick account if your child has sailed with us at SLSC, or any other CANSail program.

SLSC will use Checklick for registration this year.

To update your address, emergency contact or health card information, just log into your account on the Checklick site.

SLSC uses this site BOTH for registration and the instructors use it to log their CANSail progress. Create an account or login to find your levels and sign up.

CANSail Learn to Sail Programs:

WetFeet: Try sailing for the 1st time, you will be hooked for life!

Recommended Age: 7-8
Skill Level: New to sailing
Prerequisites: Water Comfort
Boat: Sail Cube
Fees: $230/session
Length: 1 week

Our WetFeet group gently introduces our youngest sailors to the culture of sailing. Sailing sessions are complimented with a variety of activities to keep the kids safe and having fun at all times.

QUESTIONS? Email us: [email protected]

Wet Feet Registration

CANSail 1-2: Learn to Sail Fundamentals

Recommended Age: 9+ (although again, there may be 8-year-olds in the mix here as well…the mean age year is 2016 for this one)
Skill Level: New to sailing
Prerequisites: Water Comfort
Boat: Opti, Pico
Fees: $230/session
Length: 1 week

This introductory program is for those looking to dip their toes into the sport of sailing. If you’re returning to SLSC, you would have completed WetFeet. If you’re a bit older and just getting started, no experience required! Fun i our main focus here. Beginner sailors build a strong foundation of sailing skills, both technical and practical, such as sail trim and teamwork. Instructors place the sailors in boats best suited to their size and ability, while gradually introducing new concepts to improve their sailing experience and skill.

CANSail 1-2 Registration

CANSail 3: Learn to Sail Intermediate

Recommended Age: 10-14
Prerequisites: CANSail 2 level completed
Boats: RS Feva, O’Pen Skiff, Opti, Pico
Fees: $230/session
Length: 1 week

Sailors begin to integrate fundamental boat handling maneuvers and balance with basic sail trim and tactics. Sailors begin to apply their sailing skills to varying wind and weather conditions, as well as gain exposure to a variety of different boats available at SLSC. Watch their confidence grow, along with their independence and communication skills. This level gets sailors ready to sail independently or in a team at the advanced level.

CANSail 3 Registration

CANSail 4 / 5/ 6: Learn to Sail Advanced

Recommended Age: 14-17
Prerequisites: CANSail 3 level completed
Boats: Club 420, Laser
Fees: $230/session
Length: 1 week

Experienced sailors start exploring racing and other forms of sailing to find their pathway to a lifelong passion for the sport. These sailors will take their skills and knowledge to the next level in boat handling skills in a variety of conditions and are introduced to trapeze and spinnaker flying.            

CANSail 4 is the minimum sailing level required to become a Sail Canada certified instructor.

CANSail 4-6 Registration

SLSC Race Program

Learn To Race

Participants working on their CANSail 2 or 3 level are invited to participate in our afternoon programs, which will provide extra training to get sailors to the next level.

Recommended Age: 9-14
Prerequisites: Must be in CANSail 2 or 3.
Days: Tuesdays and Thursdays afternoons, 1:30-4:00pm
Fees: $50/session
Length: 1 week

This introductory program will focus on learning the foundations of racing-specific terminology, tactics, and boat handling. This group is intended for sailors who know the basics, are learning intermediate sailing skills, and are ready for new challenges and more time on the water in a fun and non-competitive environment.

*Sailors will compete in their first local club regatta to grow their racing experience before moving on to the next step in the competitive pathway.

Learn to Race Registration

Senior Race Team

Participants working on their CANSail 4 / 5 / 6 levels are invited to participate in our afternoon Sr Race Team. Coaching will provide extra training focused on racing, wind conditions and race tactics.

Recommended Age: 14-17
Prerequisites: Must be in CANSail 4 / 5/ 6.
Days: Tuesdays and Thursdays afternoons, 1:30-4:00pm
Fees: $50/session
Length: 1 week

Get ready to work as a team and compete in local Ontario regattas!* Race either in a single-handed boat or team up in double-handed boats to practice advanced racing skills and concepts. Communication and teamwork are key to being successful. Sailors are expected to be proficient with their intermediate sailing skills and have a keen interest to learn more about the sport and develop experience on the local regatta circuit.

*(pending those events being finalized and scheduled)

Race Team Registration

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