SLSC 2019: Chapter 3

Chapter 3

Sailing club is now in full swing – sailors have shaken off the rust built up over 10 dismal, sailing-free months, the rules to morning games are explained less and less often, and instructors are finally starting to locate all the bits and bobs in the instructor lounge.  And so our third week of sailing club begins. With two great weeks behind us, we’re looking forward to an equally amazing week ahead. 

Tuesday Movie Night

This Tuesday, the CanSail 4s, 5s and 6s are hosting a movie night. As always, the movie starts at 6, ends at 7:45 ish and with a hefty admission fee of $1, popcorn and juice will be provided.  Remember to bring a reusable cup for juice. After the first movie, for anyone thirteen or turning thirteen by the end of the year, our backshedders will host a second movie. The second movie is inevitably a horror movie so make sure to grab a pillow to hide behind and keep your friends nearby for a hand to hold. 

Wednesday Treasure Hunt & Pizza Lunch

On Wednesday, sailors of all levels will take a break from the long, grueling days of swimming, games and sailing to participate in mandatory fun.  Teams of sailors will zig zag across the lake following cryptic clues, racing to find letters and unscramble the winning phrase. 

After a stressful day of detective work, sailors will enjoy the spoils of their quest – 2 slices of pizza, juice and a popsicle. Sailing club will end at 1. 

The sailing club is trying to work towards reducing our carbon footprint.  Help us out by bringing a reusable cup for juice.  

Friday Night Dance

British pop group “S Club 7” said it best: “There ain’t no party like an S Club party”.  Every Friday night, sailors and instructors shimmy down to the sailing club for two hours of bopping tunes and a chance to show off their best moves. The party of the week starts at 7, ends at 9 and costs an even dollar for entry. Bring extra cash for candy, pop and freezies.

Sunday Afternoon Races

Last Sunday, three eager sailors came out to race for Sunday Afternoon Races and had a ball in the beautiful breeze. Congratulations to Storey Wilkins who placed first and Sophie Heldman and Cole Carter who placed second. We would love to get more members of the community coming out to race so dust off your sailing gear and come on down to the club for our next Sunday races (July 28th from 1:30 to 3:30).

N’oubliez pas

The forecast for this week is supposed to be rainy.  Along with your swimsuit, hat, life jacket, water bottle, sunscreen, and towel, make sure to make room in those backpacks for a raincoat, warm sailing gear, and extra change of clothes to survive the downpour.

We’ve noticed many kids coming with plastic water bottles and plastic bags for snacks.  Reusable containers and water bottles are highly encouraged.  

Just a reminder, sailing club starts at 8:30 sharp.  Instructors like to use the time in the morning to get the sailing club ready, prepare boat lists and write out lessons over a warm cup of tea. While we love the enthusiasm and can totally understand wanting to be at sailing club for as much time as possible, we do ask that our sailors arrive no earlier than 8:30. 

Looking forward to Monday morning! 

Lots of love, 


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