Here is the SLSC instructor team for 2022.

Mathew Day – Head Instructor

Hello everyone! I’m Matthew Day and I will be the head instructor this summer!
I’ve sailed and raced at SLSC my entire sailing life and I’m going into my fourth year of coaching/working here. I couldn’t be more excited to have Club running normally again and can’t wait for our new and returning sailors to experience it!

Jack DesBrisay – Assistant Head Instructor + CANSail2 Coach

Hey, I’m Jack, I am going to be your Assistant Head instructor and CANSail2 coach. I grew up sailing at SLSC and a little bit at the RVYC and after a brief hiatus from coaching, I am absolutely stoked to be coming back!

Sinclair Lavallee – WetFeet Coach

My name is Sinclair Lavallee, and I’ll be instructing WetFeet this summer!! I’m looking forward to a super fun and safe summer before I start my first year at Dalhousie in the fall. I can’t wait to bring back trips to Verulam this summer! I’m counting down the days until the first day of club, and I can’t wait to see everyone again soon!

Cooper Wright – CANSail 1 Coach

My name is Cooper Wright. I’m so excited to be teaching CanSail1 this summer! I like to workout, run, snowboard, and spend time with friends/family. I’m looking forward to teaching and sailing this summer, playing golf, and building new friendships.

Charlie Breyfogle – CANSail 1 Coach

Hi everyone, I’m Charlie…In July, I will be joining the CANSail1 dream team. I’ve just finished my first year at Bates College and am psyched for my third year as an instructor!!

Ava – CANSail 2 Coach

My name is Ava I’m really excited to be instructing CANSail 2!!! I’m very interested in art and film and I hope to take lots of good pictures this summer! I think that the thing I’m most excited for is getting the chance to have fun days and trips to Verulam again!

Rowan Rix – CANSail 3 Coach

I’m Rowan and I’m going to be the CANSail3 instructor and CANSail3 race coach. I’m so excited to try and bring back some of the nostalgic SLSC experiences, and I can’t wait to spend my whole summer on Sturgeon. I’ve spent 8 amazing years as a sailor and am deeply looking forward to starting my next chapter as an instructor.

Ruby Farr – CANSail 4, 5, 6 + Race Coach

Hi I’m Ruby and I’m going to be coaching the CANsail 4,5 & 6s this summer and I’ll be the race coach! I’m super excited to get out to some fun regattas! Looking forward to seeing everyone at the first day of club!