This year we have some returning instructors and some new faces. Plus, we are doing some job sharing to enable more of our local sailors to get some teaching experience. Kate Gilchrist is our head instructor and will be a roving instructor helping out groups that have a large enrolment. Madeleine DesBrisay is the assistant head and the CANSail 2 instructor. Margaret Wilkins is the CANSail 4/5/6 instructor and the Senior Race Team Coach. Sophie Heldman will be teaching CANSail 3. Maija Rix will join Sophie in CANSail 3 for the month of July, and Matthew Day will join her for August. Meg Gilchrist and Scarlett Farr are our CANSail 1 instructors, and Charlie Breyfogle will be in CANSail 2 for the month of July. Our WetFeet instructors are Elliott Ollerhead for July, and Raeha Rix for August.

Kate Gilchrist – Head Instructor

I can’t wait to be back at SLSC this summer as head instructor, and even more excited to be working alongside the greatest team of instructors.  I just finished my second year in the Con-Ed program at Queen’s, where I’m majoring in psychology. In my spare time you can find me completing the Sporcle Harry Potter quizzes (Madeleine and I finally named the top 200 most mentioned characters after years of trying), watching Brooklyn 99, or perusing through cookbooks and food Instagram accounts.  

  • Favourite Regatta: Cork!! Because Kingston is the most fun place to be
  • Most embarrassing fart story?: I farted in the middle of a game of captain’s coming. It was on my 16th birthday, and everyone around me heard. The story was then immortalized by being written on the wall in the clubhouse next to Mary Decker’s name
  • If one animal were made the size of an elephant, which would be the most terrifying?:A Canada goose would be the most terrifying. Knowing how much poop they leave on our raft at their normal size, I wouldn’t want them to be the size of an elephant 
  • Favourite kind of oreo?: After having a thin oreo for the first time 3 years ago, I realized that no other type can even compare 
  • Favourite meal?: Glory Bowls

Madeleine DesBrisay – CANSail 2 & Assistant Head

I’ve just finished my first year at UBC studying sciences and, ever since finals started, I’ve been dreaming of getting back to summers at Sturgeon. I could not be more excited to come back to teach at SLSC for another fun-filled summer of sailing, swimming, movie nights, dances, morning games and fun days. This year, I will be coordinating the junior sailing program and teaching CanSail 2.  Last year, I had the pleasure of teaching CanSail 2 — I was able to hang out with an amazing group of kids and watch them experience all of the wonderful and wacky traditions that make the sailing club such a special place to grow up.  This year, I’m excited to work with many of my CanSail 2s from last year as well as welcome new sailors! In addition to teaching CanSail 2, I will also be helping out our amazing head instructor, Kate, as Assistant Head Instructor.

  • Favourite Regatta?: CIVIC
  • Most embarrassing fart story?: Kate here with an update. Madeleine couldn’t initially think of an embarrassing fart story, and the day after the bios were uploaded, Madeleine and I went to a core yoga class. In the middle of a bicycle crunch Madeleine farted super loudly in front of the whole class which she definitely should have been pretty embarrassed about.
  • If one animal were made the size of an elephant, which would be the most terrifying?:  Mosquitos are already pretty scary so one the size of an elephant would be absolutely terrifying
  • Favourite kind of oreo?: Kate introduced me to thin oreos last summer and I’ve fallen in love with them.
  • Favourite meal?: I love curries of any kind

Margaret Wilkins – CANSail 4/5/ 6 & Senior Race Coach

I’m so excited to begin my 11th year at SLSC! This is my third year coaching the race team and I could not be more excited. I just finished my first year at Queen’s University as an economics major, which had been my most memorable year ever. Kate Gilchrist played a crucial role in properly nourishing me with her campus-famous dinners:) I was named “Rookie of the Year” on the Queen’s Sailing Team and have taken on the executive role as the regatta coordinator. In my spare time I play squash, attempt to garden, and sew clothes. I’m so excited to bring my everlasting enthusiasm for sailing back to club for the summer!

  • Favourite Regatta:? CORK! The wind is the BEST and the city is so cute (so I decided to live there).
  •  Most embarrassing fart story?: first week at university. residence elevator. 10 other people in the elevator. Most awkward experience of my life….
  • If one animal were made the size of an elephant, which would be the most terrifying?: I think a pigeon would be the most terrifying animal if elephant-sized because they’re terrifying even when bird-sized. They’re not scared of humans and they do whatever it takes to get their food. Even the military would not be able to take down an elephant-sized pigeon.
  • Favourite kind of oreo?: Regular oreos have the perfect cream-to-cookie ratio. That balance should never be altered…
  • Favourite meal?: My grandmother’s mac and cheese has been my favourite meal since birth  

Sophie Heldman – CANSail 3

Hi everyone! I’m excited to be teaching CANsail 3 and the feva race team for a second year! I started my sailing in Toronto when I was 7 on both optis and 420s. I eventually made my way to sturgeon where I had some of my best summers filled with amazing people. It was here that I really found my passion for sailing. After a couple years of racing 420s for SLSC, I started 29ers out of Toronto’s RCYC.

  • Favourite Regatta:? This ones tricky to pick just one, but I think anything that’s held at the CORK venue is high on my list. It was there that I developed confidence and a love for big breeze.
  • If one animal were made the size of an elephant, which would be the most terrifying?:I think a lot of animals would be terrifying huge, but if i have to pick the scariest for me might be a snake. 
  • Favourite kind of oreo?: Unlike most of my other coworkers i’m a big fan of the double stuf oreos.
  • Favourite meal?: anything vegetarian, or a classic pita and hummus!!

Meg Gilchrist – CANSail 1

Hi everybody I’m Meg and I’ll be instructing Can Sail 1 this summer. This will be my first year instructing full time and I can’t wait to be back teaching sailing. I’m currently finishing up my last year of high school and getting ready to graduate! In my free time, I enjoy jumping out at my friends and scaring them, listening to music, and rewatching the same TV shows. I can’t wait for another amazing summer!

  • Favourite Regatta?: Cottage club!
  • Most embarrassing fart story?: I was sitting on the carpet with my grade 3 class while my teacher was reading a story and I accidentally let one rip… everybody heard and I tried to play it off and say that it wasn’t me but nobody believed me…
  • If one animal were made the size of an elephant, which would be the most terrifying?: a mosquito
  • Favourite kind of oreo?: Thin because then you can eat more but still feel healthy
  • Favourite meal?: frozen yogurt from country cupboard

Scarlett Farr – CANSail 1

I’m so excited for my second year instructing at SLSC! I’m graduating high school soon and then will be heading to Dalhousie in the fall to study Marine Biology. My hobbies include helping protect the environment, watching Titanic obsessively, and studying dog breeds. I can’t wait to see everyone this summer!

  • Favourite Regatta:? Cottage Club
  • Most embarrassing fart story?: Carpet time in Grade 1. The boys in my class were going through a phase where they would publicly embarrass anyone who farted. I really had to fart so I adjusted and hoped it would silently pass. It didn’t. It was loud, and the boys made fun of me for weeks.
  • If one animal were made the size of an elephant, which would be the most terrifying?: A baboon
  • Favourite kind of oreo?: Thin
  • Favourite meal?: Mexican!

Matthew Day – CANSail 3

This summer I’ll be teaching CANSail 3 in August! CANSail 3 was one of my favourite levels when I was sailing so I’m super excited to teach it this summer and I look forward to seeing everyone! My skills include being an elite Larry Curly Moe player and carving bows and arrows.

  • Favourite Regatta?: Civic!
  • Most embarrassing fart story?: Three years ago at the mids dinner we were all sitting on the grass eating. Then someone decided to tell a joke that I found completely hilarious and while laughing I accidentally released the loudest, biggest, smelliest fart I have ever let pass. Then all I could think to say was “oops”. Then to make it even worse I did it again the next time someone told a joke! I was ridiculed for weeks.
  • If one animal were made the size of an elephant, which would be the most terrifying?: A fish. They really bug me out.
  • Favourite kind of oreo?: Thin Vanilla
  • Favourite meal?: My mom’s carrot cake

Maija Rix – CANSail 3

This will be my first time coaching at slsc and I am more then excited, it has been my dream since I was 8! I just finished my last year of High School and I am getting ready to travel through Europe, Asia and Indonesia for my gap year! Through my off time you can find me dancing in my house listening to Blink 182 and enjoying Annie’s white shell cheddar cheese!

  • Favourite Regatta?: Cork
  • Most embarrassing fart story?: I used to do break dancing when i was younger and I had to do a recital with my crush. I farted in the middle of the performance doing the baby freeze… I’ve never break danced since
  • If one animal were made the size of an elephant, which would be the most terrifying?: Mosquitos
  • Favourite kind of oreo?: Double stuf
  • Favourite meal?: Apples and peanut butter

Charlie – CANSail 2

Hi everyone, I’m Charlie. I’m from the U.S. (Ohio) and will be teaching CANSAIL 2 for the duration of July. I love soccer and skiing and of course sailing. I look forward to a great summer!

  • Favourite Regatta?: Steerers
  • Most embarrassing fart story?: Last year I farted while giving a presentation on Louis XVI (Zut alors!!)
  • If one animal were made the size of an elephant, which would be the most terrifying?: Mosquito. Imagine their proboscis (mouth) the size of an elephant trunk. No thanks.
  • Favourite kind of oreo?: Thin. Cookie>Cream
  • Favourite meal?: Sandwiches, because you can let your imagination go wild while customizing it (must include turkey and avocado to be considered a good sandwich)

Raeha – WetFeet

I can remember my first day of sailing At SLSC like it was yesterday. I am thrilled to be the wet feet instructor this summer. On or off the water you can find me singing. I love to dance like nobody is looking and enjoy binge watching Sugar Rush.

  • Favourite Regatta?: cottage club
  • Most embarrassing fart story?: one time in grade 5 I laughed so hard I farted in front of my whole class. The embarrassment was real…
  • If one animal were made the size of an elephant, which would be the most terrifying?: centipede
  • Favourite kind of oreo?: oreo thins
  • Favourite meal?: sushi

Elliott Ollerhead – WetFeet

Hey everyone! My name is Elliott. I’m currently an 11th grade student at North Toronto.  In my free time, I like to play basketball, spend time with friends and family, and listen to music.  Sturgeon has been a big part of my summers all my life, and I’m looking forward to another great one, this time, as the WetFeet instructor for the month of July!

  • Favourite Regatta?: Civic
  • Most embarrassing fart story?: Nothing notable quite yet, but stay tuned.
  • If one animal were made the size of an elephant, which would be the most terrifying?: The most terrifying animal at the size of an elephant would have to be a mosquito, because they already cause everyone so much grief at their own size.  That, coupled with the loud buzzing sound they’d make at elephant size would make them unbearable.
  • Favourite kind of oreo?: regular
  • Favourite meal?: Korean barbecue (preferably all you can eat)