This year we have some returning instructors and some new instructors but old familiar faces. Scarlett Farr is our Head Instructor this year after having been a CANSail 1 instructor in 2019. Assistant Head Instructor is Meg Gilchrist who was also a CANSail 1 instructor in 2019. Ruby Farr is the CANSail 4/5/6 instructor and the Senior Race Team Coach. Matthew Day is returning as CANSail Instructor and will also take on the Learn-to-Race Program. CANSail 2 will be handled by Meg Gilchrist and Scarlett Farr. Charlie Breyfogle and Elliott Ollerhead team up to lead the CANSail 1 group. Our returning WetFeet Instructor is Raeha Rix.

Scarlett Farr – Head Instructor & CANSail 2

Meg Gilchrist -Assistant Head & CANSail 2

Ruby Farr – CANSail 4/5/ 6 & Senior Race Coach

Matthew Day – CANSail 3 & Learn-to-Race Program

Charlie – CANSail 1

Elliott Ollerhead – CANSail 1

Raeha – WetFeet