SLSC 2019: Chapter 4

Week 4

The first month is coming to a close and it seems as if everyone has gotten back into the summer groove. Our sailors are checking off skills left and right on their checklick, and our July instructors (that’s me!) are preparing for their final week of this vigorous job. The wind gods finally responded to our prayers and blessed us with some very heavy wind days this past week (maybe a bit too heavy).

Tuesday Movie Night 

A movie night? On a Tuesday? From 6:00-7:45 ish? You should all expect nothing less at this point. Our movie nights are about as consistent as Matthew showing up late for club (so more or less pretty consistent). As Scarlett and I supervised the first movie this past week, we noticed the vast number of empty couches. We’re hoping for a higher attendance this week! (How else are our greedy CANSail 5/6s going to make their money?) After our attendance question last week, “what do you do to be environmentally sustainable/friendly?” your children should all be beyond excited to bring a REUSABLE cup for juice! Lastly, make sure to send your kids with extra money for candy, and if your child is 13 or 13 by December 31st, then there will be a second movie for screening. 

Verulam and Pizza Lunch 

This week we will be making an outing to the ever exotic and infamous, 5-star vacation spot, Verulam Park. Remember to send your kids with sunscreen and towels as they will be tanning and frolicking along the sandy, white beaches. Might I also suggest bringing extra snacks and water, as sailing club will stretch on till 2:30. You may be wondering, “Charlie, how is my child supposed to fit all these items into one little sailboat?” Well, let me tell you. The instructors will be boating over and can fit a plethora of backpacks with all your kids’ necessities into our coach boats (however we ask that you please pack lightly, this is only a one day trip after all). 

Speaking of consistency, pizza lunch should come as no surprise this week. Our beloved, Sandy Holt, will drive the pizza over to Verulam for our sailors to once again have the option of vegetarian, cheese, pepperoni, and hawaiian pizza. Juice and a popsicle will also be available, so I should hope to see all the sailors with their REUSABLE cups! (No cup, no juice. That’s how much we love the environment.) 

Non Gala Gala and ABC Dance 

It’s time to relive the glory days and bust out your rusty (no offence), but impeccable dance moves at the Non Gala Gala, July 27th in the new building. This also happens to be the perfect opportunity to embarrass your kids from across the driveway, as they will be dancing from 7:00-9:00 in the clubhouse. This week’s theme is ABC (Anything But Clothes). Your child must find an alternative to standard clothes and instead wear things such as garbage bags, duct tape, pillow cases, etc. However, much like all the dances (and everyday life) your child must wear underwear. Make sure to include some pockets in your kids’ costume for extra money to buy candy, freezies, and pop, as well as a $1 admission fee at the door. 

Steerers and Four Sisters 

Our future Olympians, Ruby and Nixon, are back at it! The pair represented our club at Steerers and Four Sisters this past week at PCYC. Congratulations to the two for showing the rest of the competition how it’s done here in Sturgeon. 

N’oubliez pas

Unfortunately, there will be no Sunday afts this week, but we would like to congratulate Cole Carter for winning the Pico fleet,  and Storey Wilkins for winning the Laser fleet. We hope to see more people come out next time!

Please remember that club starts at 8:30. Try to have your child dropped off/show up here around 8:30-8:40. Sophie values every minute of sleep and would prefer not to wake up to the clamour of children and bikes. (Plus it makes me look bad when your kid arrives at club before I do.) 

Finally, please remember to bring sunscreen, a hat, snacks, a towel, a life jacket, and a REUSABLE water bottle. And for the less pleasant days that encompass rain and thunder, please bring appropriate foul weather gear. 



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