SLSC 2019: Chapter 5

Week 5 

It seems as if just last week, our instructors arrived at club ready to unpack boats and cover our bodies in mosquito repellent. However, the month of July has come to an end and I am officially out of a job (I wasn’t fired, I quit…). It has been a fantastic four weeks and we’re fully expecting the next four weeks to be equally as amazing. 

New Instructors and Goodbyes 

Well, it’s time. I have been dreading this day ever since I started this job, but it is time to say goodbye. In addition to me, the club is also losing one of our CANSail 3 instructors, Maija, and the clubs’ WetFeet coach, Elliott. The club will surely miss Maija’s big feet, my somewhat witty newsletters (although not as witty as Adele’s), and Elliott’s environmentally conscious attitude.

As the club tears up at the thought of a flag raising without the three of us, we are consoled by our two new instructors for the month of August, Raeha Rix and Matthew Day. Raeha will take over as WetFeet instructor and Matthew will join Sophie in coaching CANSail 3. Please give them a very warm welcome! 

Tuesday Movie Night 

You would think by this point I would be out of clever ways to inform you of a movie night this Tuesday that starts at 6:00 and ends at 7:45, and you would be correct. Make sure to send your children with extra money for candy and a REUSABLE cup for juice (just because Elliott is no longer working at club doesn’t mean we won’t continue our environmentally friendly patterns). Popcorn will be served and there will be a second movie for those who are 13 or will turn 13 by December 31st. 

Wednesday Fruit Olympics!!! + Pizza Lunch 

The most anticipated fun day is just around the corner! Sailors will partake in 5 rigorous and sort-of-sailing related activities. Activities include a relay race passing an orange to every member of your team using only your neck, apple bobbing out of an opti, swimming races with a lime in your mouth and an adapted game of football played on the water with a greased up watermelon. Finally, we come back to shore to watch the skippers put their stomachs through the ultimate test as they try to slurp down a plate of mushy bananas in record time.

After the bananas relay, Sandy Holt will be offering the usual selection of vegetarian, hawaiian, pepperoni, and cheese pizza. Along with the pizza, a popsicle and juice will be served. (All banana free!) Remind your kids to bring a REUSABLE cup/water bottle for juice! 

Friday Disco Dance

Get ready to bust out the sequenced bell bottoms and glittery dresses and hit the dance floor this Friday (being an ‘03 baby, my disco fashion knowledge may need to be fact checked). Pop, candy, and freezies will be sold in the brief moments your children aren’t doing the hustle. Arrive at our discotheque (the sailing club) at 7 and dance until 9. Entrance fee is only one dollar. 

Sunday Afts

We had an incredible turn out at our Sunday afternoon races today! We had 8 420s and 5 lasers racing, making it possibly the largest fleet SLSC has ever seen. Congratulations to Kate and Amy for winning the races for the 420 fleet and Storey Wilkins for the Laser fleet! We hope to see equally amazing participation at our next Sunday afts on August 11th.


This weekend we have our annual civic holiday regatta. Make your way to club on Saturday for 9am, when registration opens. Skipper’s meeting at 10, and first gun is at 11. We have pico, feva, 420, laser, and handicap fleets. All are welcome!

N’oubliez pas

Please remember to bring sunscreen, a hat, snacks, close toed shoes, a towel, a life jacket, and a REUSABLE water bottle. For the rainier and thunder days, please bring appropriate foul weather gear.



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