SLSC Newsletter Week 6

We are continuing to fly through summer but yet still seem to have plenty to do before reaching those bittersweet final days. This week features more of the best that SLSC has to offer, in the form of a Christmas themed Funday, an innovative dance and as always a thrilling movie night


Over the past few days, some massive milestones occurred at SLSC that I feel needed recognition. Firstly, a big congratulation to our 420 race team who recently won the overall best team at the Cottage Club Regatta in South Muskoka. Along with the top overall club, we also had boats finish 1st, 3rd, 6th, 15th, and 18th. Great job sailors!

The other big event took place was, of course, the moment you had all been waiting for… The roaring 20’s, 60th Gala! In an amazing display of community everyone with a relation to the sailing club came out and ate, danced and were merry in what is sure to be a night that will go down in history. I have to also give a special thanks to the organizers of said event who went through hours and hours of work to put on an amazing night. Thank You all!!

Tuesday Movie Night

The Silvers will be hosting the weekly movie night in the boathouse this Tuesday. The first of these flicks will be for all ages and will begin at 6:30 and run to about 8:30. The second picture for those 13 and up will begin immediately after the first movie ends and will run until it finishes, usually around 10:30. Be sure to bring a cup and hunger because juice and popcorn will certainly be available

Wednesday fun day: Xmas

We over here at SLSC enjoy the fun, jolly times of Xmas so much that we decided “hey, why not have two Xmas’?” and thus Xmas 2.0 was born. A true game changer, Xmas 2.0 features a plethora of Xmas traditions with a summer makeover. Some of these traditions are games like find Santa, bobsleigh, milk and cookies, and much more.

Friday Night Dance: Country

Get your trucks fired up, and your root beer flowing for this Fridays dance, which is of course country. Much to my dismay, the silvers decided to organize a good ole fashion hoedown comparable to the Calgary stampede. So be sure to arrive in your best western outfit cause this hoedown is gonna be a wild one

Wednesday Night Races

Our second-last Wednesday Night Races segment will take place Wednesday evening at 6:30. These are miraculous events; there’s nothing more beautiful than sailing into an August sunset. We will offer smores at the end of the night


Last thoughts


As always, please be sure to dress for the weather, wear close-toed shoes, change of clothes, towel, etc. Having now cleared ourselves of all the big, glaring events we can now settle in and enjoy these next few brilliant weeks and make the most of the time we’ve still got.





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