Newsletter week 7



With our arrival into the second last week of sailing club I am utterly confused as to where this summer has gone. It feels like only yesterday we were opening up the clubhouse in preparation for the season and now we are squeezing the most out of these final two weeks. Thankfully, the geniuses that started this club set aside some of the best activities to ensure we end off with a bang.




Canadian Olympic Regatta Kingston or CORK for short is the largest freshwater sailing regatta in the world and features boats from all across the globe. On Sunday some members of our race team packed up and headed out to participate in the prestigious event. We wish them all the best. Good luck!


Wednesday Night Races:


Our final Wednesday night race will be taking place this Wednesday at 6:30 pm. Sailors are encouraged to come out and enjoy sailing into the sunset for one last time this season.


Wednesday fun day: Poker Day


When thinking classic SLSC fun days, Poker day is one that can never be overlooked. As old as the club itself, poker day is a race to grab cards from stations and organize a winning hand. Occasional trading takes place so work on those poker faces early to ensure your getting the upper hand.


Friday Night Dance: Boy / Girl dance


My personal favourite dance, the boy-girl dance serves to humble us as we experience the pains and comforts of the opposite gender’s outfits. We always see an amazing turnout at this dance so be sure to dress up. The party begins at 7pm and runs until 9pm, entry cost one dollar and pop and freezes will be sold as well.


Final thoughts


Having seen foul weather for the first time this summer I wanted to remind all sailors to come equipped for the weather because sailing is likely in the cards. Other than that I look forward to another amazing week.




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