Newsletter week 8

It seems we have finally reached the summer’s bittersweet conclusion. As the colder temperatures and shorter days start to sink in, we make it our goal to combat the changing season as vigorously as we can in the only way we know how, through movies, bonfires, dances and the carrying on of ancient traditions. So be prepared to enjoy the final week in a true blaze of glory SLSC style!


Race Week


Our final week at sailing club is devoted to Race Week. A week in which we see all of the skills and knowledge learned throughout the summer come together in a beautiful display of sailing ability. Champions of this week are also recognized in our Friday prize giving (more on that later)


Tuesday Movie Night


The final movie night of the season has arrived and the silvers are looking to impress. This year I’m hoping to see some clever parallels drawn between the summers events and the movies or at the very least some classics to end strong. The first of these flicks will be for all ages and will begin at 6:30 and run to about 8:30. The second picture for those 13 and up will begin immediately after the first movie ends and will run until it finishes, usually around 10:30. Be sure to bring a reusable cup if juice is something you desire during the movies.


Wednesday Fun day: Verulam 2.0


In the past, a week straight of racing has lead to many close friends becoming bitter rivals. To mitigate this, we the instructor team decided to add one more fun day into the mix to shake off those racing nerves. This Wednesday we will be heading down to Verulam park for a day filled with chicken wars, ultimate Frisbee, and other various games. It should also be noted that this fun day tends to run later so please come for pick up at 1:30.


Wednesday Bonfire / Talent show


One of the most highly anticipated events of the summer, the bonfire is the perfect place to kick back relax, have a couple hot dogs and reflect on what a great summer we have all had. Following the hot dog dinner is the real highlight of the night, the talent show. A chance for sailors of all ages to strut their stuff in front of their peers in the form of jokes, song, sketches, stunts, voices and maybe even pyrotechnics. Additionally, there will be a small supper consisting of two hot dogs and a s’more. Entry to the prestigious event runs at 5$ and is worth ever penny. Don’t miss it!


Friday Prize Giving


As the season comes to a close we invite all club members, parents or anyone who is somehow related to the club to come down to the Sturgeon point union church to take part in the end of the year prize giving. Once there we will celebrate the outstanding achievements performed by sailors this season and we also take this time to thank parents and volunteers for the great summer. The Celebration will begin at 6:00 and the church is located on the corner of Irene and Sixth Avenue.


Annual General Meeting


Immediately following the prize giving in the church, all the sailors bike over to SLSC for the final dance. Once the sailors scurry off, the floor is open to anyone to raise questions, comments, concerns about the summer that’s past or the summer that is to come.


Sweetheart Dance


Once prize giving ends and the parents are stuck in the AGM, me and all of the other instructors and sailors will be changing into our dancing shoes and heading down to sailing club for the last event of the summer. The silvers have been working tirelessly to create pairings of potential summer lovers so be sure to come dressed to the nines! The festivities will end at around nine o’clock.


Clean Up day


The following morning, we ask all sailors and parents to head down to the club at 9:30 to help us in the horrid task of closing up our clubhouse. After the long, long summer we require some fresh strength to come aid us in the lifting of boats, cleaning of grounds and closing of doors to our clubhouse.


Last thoughts


It is with great sorrow that we are moving into our final week of sailing club… but the amazing reality is that another season of club is just 10 short months away. More sailing, dances, movie nights, flag-raisings, morning games, and regattas are just around the corner and in all honesty, I take great comfort in that. SLSC is a place of slow change and knowing that kids at this club will have the same great experiences that I had lets me sleep easy at night. SLSC is a special place and I’m just thankful I could be part of something so great.


Looking forward to one final outstanding week!


Much love,



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