SLSC 2017: Chapter 1


Hello, it’s me

I was wondering if after all these months you’d like to meet

To go over basic sailing techniques


If you didn’t get the reference, it’s Adele here. This summer, I will be writing your weekly newsletter – fortunately, the verse above will (hopefully, for your sake) be the closest to singing you will hear from me this summer as, unlike my namesake, my singing career ended in elementary school choir with the approval of the choir director, Mrs. Evans.

Let Mrs. Evans provide us with a reminder of the power of mentorship. Good instruction can plant a powerful seed. Look at me. Today, I don’t sing (you’re welcome world). But I do sail. And that’s thanks to the guidance of the instructor squads of the past. I am proud to introduce a team that follows in SLSC’s rich tradition of excellent instructors. Without further ado…


The Instructor Crew

Allow me to introduce your 2017 instructor team. Our full-time returning instructors are Michael Robson, Meagan Woodman, and myself (Adele DesBrisay). Additionally, Jacob Webster will be making weekly celebrity appearances #PlotTwist. This year, we have a record number of new SLSC instructors. In addition to our SLSC alumni, Madeleine DesBrisay, Margaret Wilkins, and Christopher Robson, we have two off-pointers joining us! Alison Sears and Molly-Rose Ramsay will be the first off-pointers to join the SLSC staff since Meagan was assimilated a few summers ago and we are hopeful about charming them into staying for the foreseeable future as well.

Meagan and Michael will be combining forces as out Co-Head Instructors. As a CYA Learning Facilitator, Meagan spends some of her off-season training, evaluating and certifying other instructors. She is the most qualified instructor SLSC has had in a generation and we are very lucky that she decided to re-join SLSC, this time as the CANSail 5/6 Instructor, 420 Race Coach, and the widely regarded “best email sender on staff”. Michael will be taking over as the CANSail 2 instructor and would like to be addressed as “Co-Head Instructor, Fleet Admiral, and Assistant Treasurer.”

Joining Meagan in the BackShed™, we have Margaret and Jacob. When Margaret is not busy racing as a member of the prestigious Ontario Sailing Team #SLSCRepresent, she will be working with the CANSail 4s and the 420 Race Team. Jacob has kindly agreed to lend his expertise to the team on Fridays.

Alison races with the Royal Nova Scotia Yacht Squadron (ooooo, ahhhh), and as such, we are expecting to see her coach her CANSail 1s to greatness #Toyko2020.

Molly-Rose has travelled 5000+ km from Northern Ireland to assist with the CANSail 1/2 programs for the first three weeks of the summer.

Christopher is returning to the club after a few years away. We’re all so excited to have him on staff and we’re sure he’s similarly thrilled to have his brother as a boss (I know I would be) #SiblingGoals.

Madeleine is our very capable new WetFeet instructor and Elite Optimist Race Squadron (EORS) coach. Last year, Madeleine sewed an Opti sail to donate to the club’s WetFeet program – no one can deny her enthusiasm.

Finally, in addition to my role as your resident sunscreen enthusiast (#Ginger), I will be teaching CANSail 3 and the Feva Race Team.


Tuesday Movie Night

Every Tuesday night, the Silvers organize a double feature; the first movie is open to all youngsters (25 and under), and the second is for all those who will have turned 13 by December 31st this year. This year, the Silvers have made the executive decision to start the movie at 6:00 instead of 6:30. Each film costs $1 at the door, and during a brief intermission in the first film, the Silvers will sell copious amounts of candy, so bring a little extra cash for a complete sugar-filled movie experience. The Silvers will also be serving juice, so please bring a reusable cup. Those who dare linger to watch the later movie, beware… the Silvers often opt for a somewhat terrifying selection. Please note: blindfolds and earplugs are often essential to the enjoyment of the film.


Wednesday: Dumping Day

To help us through each long, tough week at club, filled with games, raft wars, swimming, sailing, spending time with friends, and an assortment of other brutally arduous tasks, every Wednesday, we have a ‘fun day.’

Our first fun day this year (and every other year since its founding) is dumping day! #Surprise! We encourage everyone to come dressed up as a pirate to maximize fun as we learn and re-learn safe capsizing techniques.

Every fun day culminates in a delicious Pizza lunch and, in order to factor in time to eat this Italian delicacy (brought to you by Godfathers), we will end at 1 instead of 12:30.


Wednesday Night Races

This year, we have made the decision to discontinue Wednesday Night Races. Instead, each race team coach will run weekly races during the Afternoon Race Program and prizes will be awarded to the winners of each fleet at the end of the summer.


Afternoon Race Program

ARP starts this week! The Elite Opti Race Squadron and the Feva Race Team will continue to practice from 1:30 to 4:00 on Tuesdays and Thursdays. The Senior Race Team, however, has changed its structure. On Tuesdays and Thursdays, instead of a separate afternoon session, the team will hold extended morning training sessions and finish at 1:30. On Mondays, the team will have an afternoon session.


Friday Night: Pyjama Dance!            

Friday night is the Pyjama Dance! Is there a better way to spend your Friday than donning your finest PJs and heading down to the club for an evening of either dancing the night away or standing on the side of the room watching others engage in the former? Show up at 7:00 for two full hours of boogying. The dance costs $1 at the door, there will be assorted goodies for sale, and a prize for best costume.


To Bring to Club

Think you’re wearing enough sunscreen? Think your SPF rating is high enough? Check again!!!! You’re probably wrong. Make your parents proud by avoiding those harsh UV rays #SunSuitsAreAValidOption. Please also bring a hat and a pair of sunglasses.

Close-toed shoes are essential for the boat and for swimming. Booties and water shoes are great, but if you don’t have them, a pair of Crocs works really well (#Style) and if worse comes to worse, just wear runners and make sure to dry them out after! If you have one, bring a life jacket! If not, we will provide one for you. Dry clothing, a towel, a bathing suit, and a raincoat/foul weather gear are also highly recommended. Please also bring a reusable water bottle.

Second most importantly (next to sunscreen #Duh), bring lots and lots of snacks and feel free to share with your instructors.

Finally, if you’re biking, please wear a helmet #SafetyFirst.


Lots of love,


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