SLSC Instructor Newsletter 2023

Volume 8 It’s finally happening… the last Newsletter of the 2023 sailing season. It’s a bittersweet feeling as we come to the end of the summer, as it has been an absolute blast! The summer has been filled with love, laughter, wind, and lots of fun. Hopefully these memories are enough to tide everyone over … Read more

SLSC Instructor Newsletter 2023

Volume 5 Hard to believe that it’s already the 5th week of summer 2023! Instructors and sailors alike have been having an absolute blast so far. We’re all looking forward to making the most of our last few weeks. It’s movie night tonight! Join us at the club at 6:30pm for a private screening of … Read more

SLSC Instructor Newsletter 2023

Volume 4 It’s so hard to believe that we’re already halfway through another SLSC summer! It is bittersweet to already be this far into the summer as, we are having so much fun… but it also means that summer is already half over 🙁 Our sailors and instructors alie have been putting in lots of … Read more

SLSC Instructor Newsletter 2023

Volume 2 The newsletter is BACK after an amazing first week of club!!! Although it was not the windiest week Sturgeon Lake has ever seen, it might have been the hottest! We embraced the heat with lots of swimming, cold treats, and more swimming of course. Hopefully we will see a bit more wind as … Read more

SLSC 2022: Chapter 7

Week 7 It’s hard to believe it’s already the last session of the summer 🙁 It has been an amazing summer so far and we’re so looking forward to what is arguably the best session of the summer! So many fun days to look forward to in the next 2 weeks and the instructor team … Read more

SLSC 2018: Chapter 4

Steerers/Four Sisters Last week, we sent our Feva race team to Steerers and our 420 race team to Four Sisters. Both teams had a great time – and in the Feva fleet, Isabella and Trinity managed to take home the bronze medal #ITaughtThemLastYear #JustSaying. The 420 race team battled insane winds today – with the … Read more

SLSC 2018: Chapter 3

Sunday Afts: Despite very light conditions today, we managed to get three races off in the laser fleet, and one race for the 420s and Picos. Storey took home the gold in the laser fleet. Our pico fleet was dominated by Suki Salter and her friend Addie. Suki and Addie’s mums – Samantha and Karin … Read more