SLSC Instructor Newsletter 2023

Volume 8

It’s finally happening… the last Newsletter of the 2023 sailing season. It’s a bittersweet feeling as we come to the end of the summer, as it has been an absolute blast! The summer has been filled with love, laughter, wind, and lots of fun. Hopefully these memories are enough to tide everyone over for the next 10 months!!!

Tuesday Movie Night!!! Join us tomorrow night for THE LAST movie night of the summer. The backshedders are going to pull out all the stops for the last private screening so come down the club at 6:30pm for some fun! The movie costs a dollar and remember to bring some extra change for candy as well as a reusable cup for juice. For our 13 or older crowd, there will be a second VERY SCARY (allegedly) movie. The second movie will start at 8:30pm and costs another dollar. We can’t wait to see you all there!!!!!

Wednesday Night Bonfire!!! A very special treat for our last week of club… the backshedders are putting on a super fun bonfire/talent show!!! The bonfire will start at … at the club and will cost $5. That fiver will get you two smores and a hotdog! If you have any money leftover, bring it for candy and pop!!!! Also, come prepared with a talent act if you’re so inclined!!! If you’re lucky… maybe our very talented instructors will even put on a show 🙂

FUN DAY!!!! The last Fun Day of the year will be the infamous FRUIT OLYMPICS!!!!! Maybe I’m biased because I don’t have to eat mushy bananas off a plate in the middle of the sailing club driveway… but I think it’s the best Fun Day. Come dressed in your best fruit paraphernalia or costume. Personally, I’ll be coming dressed in my best Niagara Peach costume 😉 It’s going to be a super fun, fruit filled day, of friendly competition. AND it’s the last pizza lunch of the summer!! Thank you so much to Chloe Schumacher for being the kids’ favourite person for the summer!

Friday Night Prizegiving!!! Join us at the Sturgeon Point Union Church for our annual prize giving ceremony. Come out and join the instructors in appreciating all of the hard work demonstrated by our sailors this summer. There will also be an end of summer slideshow with pictures we’ve gathered throughout the summer! The ceremony will start at 7pm and will go until 8pm. If you won a trophy at prize giving last summer, please remember to bring it with you the church on Friday.

Following the prize giving ceremony on Friday, there will be THE LAST DANCE!! It’s the best night of the year and the infamous sweetheart dance!!! Our backshedders are going to play matchmaker, and pair up all the cutest couples at club for some slow dancing and snowballing! The dance will go from 8-10pm to accommodate for prize giving! Hope to see you all there in your best fancy fits.

Finally, thank you so much to the amazing instructor team we had this year!!! The club is always such a fun environment, so thank you for continuing that for us this summer! And, thank you for trusting us with your awesome kids this summer!!!!

Thanks for reading, over and out!!!!!

Sinclair Lavallee (Assistant Head and CANSail 1 Instructor)

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