Hello everyone, and welcome back to sailing club! We are so excited to see so many new and familiar faces alike. We are all in agreement that this is going to be an epic summer. We’ve been lucky and have the nicest first day of club in history! Hopefully there are more sunny (and windy) days to come.

Running the club would not be possible without out AMAZING instructor team. Here’s the lineup for this summer:

Sinclair Lavallee – Head Instructor

Ava Simpson – CANSail 4 and Race Coach

Cooper Wright – CANSail 3 and Learn to Race

Jake Rix Wilson – CANSail 1/2

Lucas Davenport – CANSail 1/2

Sam Breyfogle – CANSail 1/2

Shannon Kidd – CANSail 1/2

Malcolm Hill – WetFeet

Suki Salter – WetFeet

If you have any questions at all for us, please email [email protected] ๐Ÿ™‚

We are officially kicking off summer and we can’t wait to get back to all the best parts of SLSC: movie nights, fun days, dances and more! Our first movie night will be held at the club this Tuesday, July 2nd from 7-9pm. The movie has a $2 admission fee, and remember to bring some extra change for candy! There’s a second ~scary~ movie for those 13 and over.

Our first Fun Day is also this week (weather permitting)! Wednesday will be Dumping Day – a Fun Day that incorporates both fun and safety (who says you can’t have both?!) If the weather is crummy, we will postpone. Wednesday is also Pizza Lunch! Every sailor at club will be provided with pizza and snacks. Pickup will be around 1pm rather than 12:30pm to accommodate lunch.

Last but not least, we will have our first dance this Friday night! It’s a PJ party at SLSC this weekend from 7-9pm. Come fitted in your most fashionable and comfortable sleepwear for the chance to win a prize! The dance costs $2, but memories of grooving in the clubhouse with friends is priceless. Hope to see you alllllll there!!

We’re so grateful to our SLSC community for helping us to keep our program running. The sailing club has long been a place where friendships are created that last a lifetime, and where skills (aside from sailing of course) are taught. We hope you are as excited as we are for this summer!

As always, please feel free to email, call, or even pay a visit with any questions you may have! Have a safe and happy summer ๐Ÿ™‚

Sinclair Lavallee – Head Instructor

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