SLSC 2018: Chapter 2

Sunday Afternoon Races Our first Sunday afts of the season was a two-fleet affair – 420 and laser. In the laser fleet, we had a total of five boats and David DesBrisay took home the gold #RichardRobertsWasn’tThere #GoodLuckRepeatingThatNextWeek. Amy DesBrisay and Kate Thomas won the 420 fleet (#DéjaVu) and, unlike Dad, it would not be … Read more

SLSC 2018: Chapter 1

Introduction Every year, I start my “First Day of Club Countdown” the day sailing club ends and watch with great excitement as the seconds, minutes, hours and days tick down from 311 to 0. The anticipation of the first day is almost as thrilling as the first day itself – like the painter in front … Read more

SLSC 2017: Chapter 8

Introduction Author John Green once said: “it is so hard to leave – until you leave. And then it’s the easiest [gosh-darned] thing in the world.” Clearly, Mr. Green has never been to Sturgeon. Because leaving Sturgeon and the magical summer of 2017 to face the prospect of snow and school and wearing footwear, for … Read more

SLSC 2017: Chapter 7

Cottage Club and CORK The 420 race team has just returned from Cottage Club Regatta at Lake of Bays. They had a very successful regatta, despite having to race through 180° wind shifts, disqualifications, and more than one instance of other sailors pulling them backwards on the start line #Sportsmanship. All the sailors raced well, … Read more

SLSC 2017: Chapter 6

Civic Holiday Regatta We had an incredible turnout for the Civic Holiday Regatta this Saturday. Despite trying circumstances, we managed to get three races off in the Handicap, Laser, and 420 fleets, and one race off for the Fevas. Our WetFeet, CANSail 1s, and CANSail 2s will race for the Crandella Cup and the Treetops … Read more

SLSC 2017: Chapter 5

Sunday Afternoon Races We had gusty, shifty, and fun conditions for the second installment of the Sunday Afternoon Race Series, and had a great turnout.   We sailed three races in both the 420 and the Laser fleets. Kate and Amy won the six-boat 420 fleet #BeenThereDoneThat, although the former youth national champions were bested in … Read more

SLSC 2017: Chapter 4

Our Favourite Northern Irish Pal Last Friday was a day filled with heartbreak and sorrow, as we said goodbye to Molly-Rose, one of our CanSail 1 instructors. Many tears were shed as each sailor was hit with the realization that they might never again hear her super cool accent. To help fill the void that … Read more

SLSC 2017: Chapter 3

New Additions to the Staff This week, we are welcoming Cameron Riegel back as an instructor! When he showed up last Wednesday for balloon day, we all realized just how much we missed having him around the club; to avoid enduring another Cameron-less week of club, we offered him gave him no other option but … Read more

SLSC 2017: Chapter 2

The first week of club is often characterized by very little wind, and this year was no exception. Despite the distinct lack of wind in our sails, week one was a resounding success and your instructor team is so excited to be moving into the rest of the summer.   Sunday Afternoon Races We had … Read more

SLSC 2017: Chapter 1

Introduction Hello, it’s me I was wondering if after all these months you’d like to meet To go over basic sailing techniques   If you didn’t get the reference, it’s Adele here. This summer, I will be writing your weekly newsletter – fortunately, the verse above will (hopefully, for your sake) be the closest to … Read more