SLSC 2018: Chapter 4

Steerers/Four Sisters

Last week, we sent our Feva race team to Steerers and our 420 race team to Four Sisters. Both teams had a great time – and in the Feva fleet, Isabella and Trinity managed to take home the bronze medal #ITaughtThemLastYear #JustSaying. The 420 race team battled insane winds today – with the classic 10-foot-high Lake Ontario rollers and torrential rain – it was an achievement to make it out of the harbour.


Tuesday Movie Night

As usual, this Tuesday, the silvers will show a wonderful, often funny and poignant ‘first movie.’ This flic is open to (almost) all ages #BringYourOlderSiblings #ButNotYourParents. The movie is supposed to start at 6 and end at 8. Juice and popcorn will be served and it costs a dollar to get in. Candy will be served for an additional fee.

The second movie is sometimes less wonderful, less funny, and less poignant, but if you are turning 13 by the end of the year or older, come anyway. Forrest Gump once said (and then repeated many times) “second movie at SLSC is like a box of chocolates. You never know what you’re gonna get.” #That’sTheRealQuote. Last week, we watched a horror movie that featured grandparents frolicking around in crawl spaces and religiously cleaning their ovens. Needless to say, it didn’t win any Oscars. I swear they’re sometimes good though!


Wednesday Fun Day: Christmas

Plot twist! Christmas actually falls on July 25th. All nativity stories are wrong. Accordingly, this Wednesday the 25th, we will be running our Christmas-themed fun day. Like Christmas (on the west coast at least), it is scheduled to be wet, dismal, and frigid (#HighsOf24). There will be pizza lunch #ChristmasDinner following a long, arduous day of milk-drinking and cookie-eating #DoYouEvenSailHere? Club will end at 1 instead of 12:30.


Friday Dance

The Silvers were away racing this weekend and have not yet decided on a dance theme, but it will either be Boy-Girl, What Not to Wear, Blind Date, Toga, or something else #ReallyNarrowedItDown. It will not be PJ, Hawaiian, ABC, Disco, or Sweetheart #You’reWelcome. I do however have some real information for you – it will start at 7, end at 9, cost a dollar for entry, and pop, freezies, and candy will be sold.

Volunteers for Mids

This weekend we are hosting the mid-Ontario regatta and are in need of volunteers! Mids is the Ontario Provincial 18 & under and 16 & under Championship for Lasers, Radials, C420s, and Fevas. No big deal but it’s kind of a big deal #SLSC’sClaimToFame. If you are able to help out, we really need strong people to help catch and launch boats on both Saturday and Sunday. If you are able to do so, please let me know at [email protected]. If you are weak, but still want to help out, please also let me know and we will find you a job!



It’s supposed to rain almost every day this week, so please remember to bring warm (not cotton) clothing to wear on the water, rain gear, and a cozy change of clothes for after sailing.


Lots of love,

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