SLSC 2018: Chapter 3

Sunday Afts:

Despite very light conditions today, we managed to get three races off in the laser fleet, and one race for the 420s and Picos. Storey took home the gold in the laser fleet. Our pico fleet was dominated by Suki Salter and her friend Addie. Suki and Addie’s mums – Samantha and Karin – won the 420 fleet #AGoodDayForSalter&Co.

We are now entering a brief Sunday afts hiatus – our third installment will take place August 12th.


Tuesday Movie Night

Coming soon to theatres! This Tuesday night, head down to the “New Building Theatre” to watch a movie (or two) that likely came out many, many years ago. The New Building boasts a well-staffed (if somewhat limited) concession, (some) comfy seats, and no pre-show advertisements (although they still generally start 15 minutes late #It’sOnPurpose #TechnicalDifficulties). It costs approximately 1/10th the price of a normal theatre AND you get FREE popcorn and (heavily diluted) refreshments #CostConscious.

The first movie starts at 6:00 pm, costs a dollar, and is open to everyone. Bring a little extra cash, as the silvers will be selling candy. The second movie starts at 8:00 pm and is open to all those who have turned or are turning 13 by the end of the year.


Wednesday Fun Day: Treasure Hunt

This Wednesday, our sailors will travel far and wide (within 800m of the club) in an effort to collect clues that will (hopefully) lead them to unscramble a long word or short phrase chosen by the instructors. Each new location will offer both new letters and a (hopefully solvable) clue to the next location. Sailing club will end at 1:00 pm instead of 12:30 (with any luck, sailors will spend this extra half an hour eating pizza brought by the wonderful Christina Hall, and not still trying to frantically unscramble their anagram #WinningIsEverything).


Steerers/Four Sisters

Our Feva and 420 race teams are headed down to Port Credit Yacht Club for back-to-back regattas. The feva race team will race in the junior regatta, Steerers, on Thursday and Friday and the 420 race team will then compete in the open event, Four Sisters, over the weekend. Wish them luck!


Friday Dance: Anything but Clothes

Unfortunately, A-B-C is not quite as easy as 1-2-3 #MichaelJacksonYouLiedToUs. In fact, the ABC dance may be the most complicated – or at least the most creative – of all the SLSC dances. This Friday, come down to the sailing club in your most fashionable hodgepodge of not-clothing items. The dance starts at 7 and runs until 9. It costs a dollar to get in and pop, freezies, and candy will be sold. There will a prize for the best costume.


SLSC 2017 Photo Album

I have created a Apple photo book with 42 pages of pictures from last summer. If anyone is interested in purchasing a book, please let me know by email at [email protected] by this Friday at 4:00 pm. They cost $36.


Instructor Dinners

HELP WANTED. Two parentless instructors foraging for food in the SLSC kitchen (it can be a scary place) need some rescuing. Please have them (and the rest of us, who are totally fine in the food department, but love your company) over for dinner! No application process necessary, just sign up here. What’s in it for you? Not much to be honest, but it does allow you to be considered for the highly prestigious, and lovingly handcrafted (by someone with little taste) Silver Platter Award given out at our end-of-year prize-giving.



The past couple weeks have been characterized by such high heat, so little wind, and so much swimming that I feel almost as if I need to remind our sailors that we are in fact a sailing club, so on the off chance that there is any wind this week, please remember to bring your sailing gear – we will still sail if it is cold, miserable, and rainy.

Please also wear close-toed shoes in the boat, and bring a re-usable water bottle and lots of sunscreen.


Lots of love,

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