SLSC 2017: Chapter 8


Author John Green once said: “it is so hard to leave – until you leave. And then it’s the easiest [gosh-darned] thing in the world.” Clearly, Mr. Green has never been to Sturgeon. Because leaving Sturgeon and the magical summer of 2017 to face the prospect of snow and school and wearing footwear, for most of us, is far from the easiest thing in the world.

Until you start the countdown! Then it gets easier – as of today, there are only 314 days until club starts again next year #WooHoo.

Despite the unbearable truth that this is the last week of sailing club, and soon we will all have to return to our cold, busy, and lakeless lives, the final week is actually pretty fun.



The most exciting news from last week concerns Cameron. As of last Thursday, he is officially cancer free and he’ll be back this Thursday to finish up the summer with us!!



The 420 Race Team had an incredible regatta last weekend. CORK is the biggest regatta in Canada – 92 boats, open regatta (not just youth), top teams from across the country – placing well is very difficult.   After two days of racing, the fleet is divided into a Gold and Silver Fleet. SLSC has never had more than two crews make the Gold Fleet. This year we broke the record. Our three boats, Maija and Margaret, Jack and Matthew, and Scarlett and Meg, all made Gold Fleet and had outstanding regattas. The incomparable Maija and Margaret had an unbelievable three firsts, a second, and two thirds, but were unfortunately disqualified in three races under varying circumstances and ended up in 18th. This is (by far) the most impressive series of finishes at CORK in Sturgeon history. Jack and Matthew had a few incredible races (including a fourth place in gold fleet) and a few less incredible races #FortyFirst #WootWoot. They finished in 26th overall. Like Maija and Margaret, Scarlett and Meg were brought down by a combination of scoring penalties and disqualifications which offset some very strong finishes. They ended up in 43rd. In a regatta where even making it into Gold Fleet is an achievement, all three boats excelled and an enormous congratulations is in order.


Sunday Afts

This Sunday, we had two 420s, five Lasers, and a Byte show up to race #StepItUp420s. There was a nice little breeze, and we pulled off three races. Sophie Heldman, our (somewhat) local, but definitely favourite 29er sailor, hopped in a 420 with me and won the 420 fleet, closely followed by Isabella and Patricia Aspinwall. The laser fleet was dominated by Richard Roberts #NoSurpriseThere, Dad came second and Richard Farr took third place. Last but not least, Lewis Crighton sailed brilliantly and had three bullets in the Byte fleet!


Race Week

This week is race week! Due to the fact that I wrote this late #ReiningQueenOfProcrastination, we have already had our first day of racing, but as everyone now definitely already knows, we will be racing for the rest of the week, so come prepared for some fun competition.


Tuesday Movie Night

This Tuesday night, we have our final movie night of the summer! At 6 o’clock precisely (no later, no earlier #FeelFreeToArriveEarlyAndWaitToTurnIntoTheDriveway), the Silvers will begin the playing of the feature film. Juice and popcorn will be served, and mid-way through, there will be a short intermission where you will be able to buy ridiculous amounts of candy. Following the first movie, there will be a second film for all those turning 13 by the end of the year. Both films cost $1.


Wednesday Fun Day: Verulam, The Sequel

This Wednesday, we will be having Verulam 2.0 #NotNotVerulamThisTime. Our much needed break from the week of racing will run until 2:00, in order to factor in time for pizza lunch (thank you 1000000 times over Christina) and sailing home. Be sure to bring a bathing suit, weather appropriate sailing gear and beach-going gear, a towel (or two), plenty of snacks, sunscreen, and any other fun things you can think of (we don’t own a Frisbee #HintHint) #5or6BackpacksMightAlsoBeUseful.


Wednesday Bonfire: The Sequel

The second big event on Wednesday is the annual bonfire/talent show! Get your penny whistles and fiddles (#MadeleineI’mTalkingToYou) ready because this will be the event of the year. Admission will cost $5 and you will receive a hotdog and two s’mores. Pop and candy will be sold separately. It starts at 7 and ends at 9.


Friday Prize-Giving

Calling all people, with any affiliation to the club: your presence is requested this Friday night at 6:00 at the Sturgeon Point Union Church for our end-of-year prize-giving ceremony. We will be celebrating the achievements, friendships, and camaraderie of our sailors, as well as all those who have made the instructors dinners over the course of the summer #RealHeroes, or helped out with club events.


Annual General Meeting

Following prize-giving, the Club will hold its Annual General Meeting for all those interested. This is your opportunity to voice any concerns, ask questions, or simply tell the directors how incredible the instructors are #IVoteForTheLatter.


Friday Dance: Sweetheart

The alternate (arguably better) destination following prize-giving is the sailing club. Unlike the AGM, this event is not available to all those interested. We only take the cool, young kids #MeaganAndUnder. For the final dance, everything is free! Dress in your finest clothing, and be prepared to dance with a special someone (or possibly a less special someone, depending on the totally random pair chosen (out of a hat) by the silvers).



A reminder to bring your race week trophies from last year to prize-giving this Friday! If you are unsure as to whether you won anything that needs to be returned, a detailed list can be found in last week’s newsletter.


Clean Up Day

Saturday morning, starting at 10, there will be a clean up day at the club. We encourage everyone available to come down and help make the club sparkling clean (or at least somewhat not-filthy). Pizza lunch will be served for free, so if that isn’t worth coming down, I don’t know what is.


Final Thoughts

As the weather gets colder, I’d like to remind everyone that my life motto of “dress for the weather you want it to be, not the weather it actually is” is wrong. Please don’t do that. Ever. It doesn’t work. Trust me, I tried wearing Birkenstocks in Montreal in January. Bring sailing gear.


Lots of love,


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