SLSC 2017: Chapter 7

Cottage Club and CORK

The 420 race team has just returned from Cottage Club Regatta at Lake of Bays. They had a very successful regatta, despite having to race through 180° wind shifts, disqualifications, and more than one instance of other sailors pulling them backwards on the start line #Sportsmanship. All the sailors raced well, and we came away with two top five finishes in a fleet of 38. Congratulations to Jack and Matthew who came third, and Scarlett and Meg who came fifth.

Matthew, Jack, Scarlett, and Meg are heading off to Kingston today to compete in what used to be promoted as the ‘Canadian Olympic Regatta in Kingston’ and is now widely known as Kingston’s Largest Freshwater Sailing Festival #GoodSwitch #FestivalSoundsCooler #TellYourFriends. We wish them (and Margaret and Maija, who are already in Kingston) the best of luck.

Sunday Afts: Past

Despite unpredictable conditions, we had a very predictable outcome for today’s Sunday Afternoon races. Kate and Amy won the 420 fleet (#SurpriseSurprise #ThreeOutOfThreeAin’tBad) and Richard Roberts won the laser fleet #NeverSeenThatBefore. Richard Farr however, did manage to sneak in a first place in the third race of the day #DeThroned?


Sunday Afts: Future

Next Sunday will be the fourth and final Sunday Afts on the summer! (Dad, this is your last chance to beat a Richard #WishfulThinking #ThoseRichardsAreSpeedy.) It starts at 1:30 and goes until about 3:30 or 4:00.


Tuesday Movie Night

Tuesday night is movie night! As usual, the Silvers will be putting on their weekly double feature. The first movie will start promptly at 6 o’clock. Please bring a re-usable cup, as juice (and popcorn) will be served. There will also be (a lot) of candy for sale. If you are 13 or older, you are welcome to stay for a second film, which is often a horror movie (and slightly less often, a good horror movie #KungFury #Really?)


Wednesday Fun Day: Poker Day

Here, at SLSC, we like to introduce gambling to our sailors at a young age. As such, this Wednesday, we will be having a poker themed fun day. Boats will sail to different locations on the lake, where an instructor will hand them cards. The boat with the best poker hand by the end of the day wins! It is, in my opinion, one of the better fun days #OrAmIBluffing?


Friday Night Dance: Boy/Girl/Other

This Friday night is your opportunity to dress as another area on the gender spectrum! The Silvers are back, and with them comes the $1 entrance fee, and full price pop, and freezies #Shame. Fortunately however, those who missed the candy last week are in luck, as the Silvers will surely supply copious amounts.


Final Thoughts

As we move into the harsh August weather conditions, please remember to bring foul weather gear – raincoats, non-cotton clothing for on the water, and any other gear you have.


Until next week,


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