SLSC 2017: Chapter 6

Civic Holiday Regatta

We had an incredible turnout for the Civic Holiday Regatta this Saturday. Despite trying circumstances, we managed to get three races off in the Handicap, Laser, and 420 fleets, and one race off for the Fevas. Our WetFeet, CANSail 1s, and CANSail 2s will race for the Crandella Cup and the Treetops Trophy this Tuesday morning, while the Fevas will be holding a tie-breaking series between the four boats that tied for third.

It wasn’t just that it was windy, with sustained gusts topping 25 knots. It was crazy windy – windy, shifty and gusty all in one nasty little package. So a huge congratulations goes out to all those who made it out on Saturday – even if it was only to get out of the lagoon.


Tuesday Movie Night

Starts at 6:00, ends at about 7:45. Costs $1 for juice, popcorn, and a seat in the upstairs of the new building, and there will be a movie playing (which you are definitely not paying to see) #LegalLoopholes. There will be a second movie for all those 13 or older which costs an additional dollar.


Wednesday Fun Day

This Wednesday is… (#WaitForIt… #DrumRollPlease…) TBA #MyFavourite!!!! Due to a very busy weekend, we will be waiting until our instructor team has had the chance to discuss and plan this week’s fun day to announce it. Stay tuned!


Friday Dance

This Friday, the Silvers will be away at Cottage Club Regatta, and will not be able to put on the dance. The instructors will therefore be running the show. Although we are still engaged in a fiery and highly contentious debate over the theme, it is sure to be one of the greatest events of the year. It runs from 7 to 9, entrance costs $1, and pop, freezies, and candy will be sold separately.


Sunday Afternoon Races

The third instalment of our Sunday Afternoon Race series will take place this weekend! Arrive down at the club for 1:00, with or without a partner, and participate in an afternoon of racing! We will be running a Laser fleet, a 420 fleet, and possibly an Opti fleet.


Jack’s Bike Seat

After three bike-seat-less weeks, the #BringBackJack’sBikeSeat2017 campaign has finally paid off! I’d like to thank all those who helped Jack through this difficult time – Thom Nyhuus for lending Jack his bike (possibly unknowingly?), all those who offered emotional support, and finally Robin Biasi for being the one to find Jack’s returned bike seat on a trailer on Sunday Afternoon.

I’d also like to give a shout-out to Jack for promptly losing his bike immediately following the return of his bike seat #WellDone #Don’tWorryHeFoundIt.


A Very Serious Interlude

After the bonfire last week, the Silvers accidentally left their money out on the island and returned in the morning to find approximately $250 missing. This may be because of stormy conditions and the fact that plastic bills aren’t particularly heavy, but if everyone could keep an eye out, that would be greatly appreciated. Finally, if you do know anything about the disappearance of the money, please let an Instructor or a Silver know.


Race Week Trophies

A reminder to all those who won awards during race week last year to get your names engraved before this year’s race week. Awards that need to be returned (and their winners) are below:

JD Trophy (Pico): Ava Simpson, Ben Wisener, & Lilly Platt

JD Trophy (Feva CAN2): Jake Rix Wilson, Carter Chartier, & Brandon McMurray

Directors Trophy (Feva CAN3): Rowan Rix & Ava Wilkins

Lou Scholes Trophy (420): Maija Rix & Margaret Wilkins

Jack Mickey (Sportsmanship): Charlie Breyfogle

Adam Quibell (Racing Spirit): Madeleine DesBrisay

Silver Platter (Best Instructor Dinner): Will and Koo Ollerhead

Junior Paddle (Sunday Afts): Rowan Rix

B Fleet Paddle (Sunday Afts): Rowan Rix

Perseverance Paddle (Sunday Afts): Kate Thomas

Parent’s Paddle (Sunday Afts): Simon Aspinwall

Overall Trophy (Sunday Afts): Kate Thomas

Overall Trophy (Wednesday nights): Isabella Aspinwall


Lots of love,


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