SLSC 2018: Chapter 1


Every year, I start my “First Day of Club Countdown” the day sailing club ends and watch with great excitement as the seconds, minutes, hours and days tick down from 311 to 0. The anticipation of the first day is almost as thrilling as the first day itself – like the painter in front of a blank canvas, a thrill-seeker about to jump, the traveller before the voyage begins, this is the moment that is so filled with the intoxicating sense of possibility.  Eventually, we will realize that there is an end to this dream, but for now it seems endless.  And so begins the SLSC summer of 2018.


The Instructor Crew

I couldn’t be more excited to have the opportunity to work with such an absolutely incredible instructor crew. This year, we have a total of 11 instructors. Madeleine DesBrisay, Margaret Wilkins, Alison Sears, and Molly-Rose Ramsay are all returning for their second summer of SLSC instructing. We also have an enormous number of new instructors! In addition to our Sturgeon locals – Kate Gilchrist, Meg Gilchrist, Scarlett Farr, Jack DesBrisay, and Sophie Heldman, we have Matt Newhouse joining us for the summer. Finally (as you may have guessed), I (Adele DesBrisay) am not just writing this newsletter for kicks – I will in fact be instructing this summer.

After 12 (plus or minus a few) years of fantasising of one day being the head instructor at the club, I have finally achieved my dream #ThisFeelsRight #PowerTripping. I will be floating around levels and helping out where needed.

An old (#UnderstatementOfTheYear #HeWasBornIn1834) friend (#OverstatementOfTheYear #We’veNeverMet) of mine, Sir John Dalberg-Acton, once said “Power corrupts, but absolute power corrupts absolutely.” In order to keep me in check (because of my immense power), Kate Gilchrist will be serving as my (much needed) second in command. Kate is one of the most organized people I know – she has been sending me SLSC improvement ideas and lesson plans since early February and I am so excited to finally have her on the SLSC staff. Having run her own tennis camp for the past two summers, I have full confidence that, if Kate were to pull a coup d’état, she could run the program better than I. Kate will also be tackling the Wet Feet program – our newcomers are lucky to have her.

In the backshed, we have Margaret Wilkins and Matt Newhouse. The combined expertise of these two Ontario Sailing Team grads will surely blow the race team out of the water (not literally though, they should probably stay in the water).

Sophie Heldman will be taking over CANSail 3 and the feva race team – after leaving us for two whole summers to pursue her dreams of 29er world domination #traitor, we are beyond ecstatic to have her (and her giant inflatable pink flamingo) back at the club.

Madeleine DesBrisay will be heading the CANSail 2 group this summer. Madeleine has spent the past week touring with (one of) her bands in Ireland. She left the tour a few days early in order to teach her CAN2s #FeelHonoured #She’sSabotagingHerBandForYou.

Here’s where is gets complicated. In July, Jack will be helping Madeleine out on CANSail 2 #SiblingGoals and our CANSail 1 program has been left in the very capable hands of Alison Sears and Molly-Rose Ramsay. Both were off-point instructors last year, but Sturgeon has claimed their hearts #AsUsual #MattYou’reNext and they decided to come back for another summer #Phew. In August however, Molly-Rose, Jack, and Alison will be leaving us, and Meg Gilchrist and Scarlett Farr will be taking over.


Tuesday Movie Night

The first movie night of the year is fast approaching. This Tuesday night, come down to the club for 6 pm to enjoy (or not) the popcorn, candy, juice (in the loosest sense of the word), and film brought to you by this year’s Silver group. Be there or be square. Be as far from square as possible. Be a sphere. Be an annulus. Be a crossed hexagonal antiprism #IDon’tEvenKnowWhatThatMeans #ItIsn’tASquareThough. And bring a cup.


Afternoon Race Program

ARP is back this week! The feva race team and CANSail 2 development team will practice on Tuesday and Thursdays from 1:30 to 4:00.  The 420 race team however, has shifted to entirely extended mornings.


Friday Pajama Dance

This Friday is the pajama dance – crack out your best dancing slippers and most rocking sleep outfit then mosey on down to the club for 7 o’clock. The dance will run until 9. It costs a dollar to get in, and the silvers will be selling pop, freezies, and candy.


Sunday Afternoon Races

This Sunday is the first of four Sunday Afts of the season! We will have a laser, 420, and possibly another fleet depending on who shows up. Everyone is welcome! Races will run from 1:30 to 4:30.



It is supposed to be absurdly hot this week, and in the spirit of avoiding the harmful effects of extreme temperatures and UV radiation, please remember to bring sunscreen (and re-apply), sunglasses, a hat, and a reusable water bottle. Please also bring close-toed shoes, a change of clothes, and a life jacket if you have one.

If you are biking, please remember to wear a helmet and use the new bike path! If you are driving, please drive at a PAINFULLY slow speed – we have many, many bikes on the road.


That’s all for this week Sturgeon.
Lots of love, Adele

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