SLSC Instructor Newsletter 2023

Volume 6

What’s better than a 3 day weekend? A 4 day week!! First of all, thank you so much to everyone who came out this long weekend to our CIVIC Regatta. To say it was a success is an understatement, so thank you to all the sailors, parents, instructors, volunteers, and everyone in the community who came out and supported us.

Movie night tonight! Join us at the club at 6:30pm tonight for an awesome movie screening. The backshedders are excited to surprise the kids with their carefully curated choice of a movie (I’m hoping for High School Musical). It’s a dollar to get in, but remember to bring extra change for candy! Also, bring a reusable cup for juice. For our over 13 crowd, there is a second movie. It’s another dollar to get in and (hopefully) something super scary!

Wednesday Fun Day! Summon the heroes, and let the games begin … Tomorrow’s Fun Day is Sports Day! Come dressed in your best sports attire and ready for an awesome day where our sailors will showcase their athletic abilities in alllllll of the fields (including sailing of course). We have to fuel our athletes, and there is no better recovery meal than a huge slice of pepperoni pizza. Pizza lunch is included in registration, and club will end around 1pm as opposed to 12:30pm. We can’t wait!!

Friday Night Dance! Once again the backshedders have their heads put together to brainstorm the best dance theme the sailing club has ever seen. We will update the calendar (for real) with the dance theme when the back shed comes back with the best dance ever. What we can tell you though is that the dance starts at 7pm and ends at 9pm. It’s 2 dollars to get in, and bring extra change for pop and candy!!!! We hope to see you all there.

Sunday Afts! We are dying to have a good day of Sunday Races, so fingers crossed this weekend is THE weekend. Afterall we need someone to give the massive Sunday Afts trophy to at prize giving!!! Come down the club at 1 to get your pick of boats. First gun will be at 1:30pm. Bring your friends, family, pets, literally anybody!!!! Hope to see you there.

SLSC Merch. It’s awesome.

As always, please drive DEAD SLOW if you’re dropping your kids off at club in the morning, as we have many bikers, and if you’re biking please wear a helmet. Don’t forget all your sailing gear and a nut-free snack everyday! We’re having the best time ever this summer, and we hope everyone else is too!

Thanks for reading 🙂

Sinclair Lavallee (Assistant Head and CANSail 1 Instructor)

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