SLSC 2017: Chapter 2

The first week of club is often characterized by very little wind, and this year was no exception. Despite the distinct lack of wind in our sails, week one was a resounding success and your instructor team is so excited to be moving into the rest of the summer.


Sunday Afternoon Races

We had a great turnout for Sunday afts this week! In the 420 fleet, Kate Thomas and Amy DesBrisay came out victorious #RelivingTheGloryDays #GoKamey. Our two local Richards, Farr and Roberts, faced off in the laser fleet and, in an astonishing turn of events, Farr, in his new boat, managed to beat our reigning Laser champion, Roberts, in the second race #TheNextRichard? #EndOfAnEra? #WatchOutRoberts. Followers of the Sturgeon Point Laser racing circuit have been wondering: has Farr always been Sturgeon Point’s hidden talent, pushed from his rightful place at the head of the fleet because of his porous boat? Ultimately however, Roberts ended up taking home the gold #Shocker. David DesBrisay also tried his very best to get out on the water, but arrived approximately 30 minutes after the end of the last race after spending his afternoon finding “not all, but enough boat parts” to sail #WellDoneDad. Last but not least, Lucas Davenport won the Opti fleet. (Thanks for being the only current SLSC athlete to race today Lucas #MVP.)


Next Sunday afts will be July 30th. We hope to see even more community members, SLSC alumni, and current SLSCers on the water!


Movie Night

Movie night is the only event in the whole world that combines a brilliant movie selection, a chance to hang out with your friends, delicious popcorn, and delectable juice, made by the Silvers (from powdered Nestea) all for the low price of $1! You will have a ton of fun, or your money back guaranteed #ManyConditionsApply. There will also be candy for sale.


There is a second movie for all those 13+ (or turning 13 by the end of this year) which costs an additional $1.


Wednesday Fun Day: Balloon Day

This Wednesday we will release hundreds of balloons onto the lake (in small increments and over a portioned off area obviously, to ensure minimal entry of rubber, latex, and polychloroprene to the lake #PeakOfEnvironmentalResponsibility). Each balloon colour has a different point value and contestants will proceed to engage in a furious race to collect as many points as possible. Following the first event, athletes of all ages will assemble in the upstairs of the new building for the ultimate face-off. Each boat will designate a team-member to represent them, and the chosen athlete will then tie a (regulation-sized) balloon to their ankle with a (regulation-length) string and will attempt to pop the balloons of the other contestants without having their own balloon popped.


The morning of fierce competition will finish with some well-deserved pizza from our local pizzeria, Slices and Scoops. The wonderful Christina Hall is the hero behind the pizza operation and we are eternally grateful to her.


Friday Dance: Hawaiian

It’s time to dig out your hula skirts and floral prints, because this Friday is the Hawaiian dance! The Silvers will have been working on this two-hour-long dancing extravaganza since at least Friday afternoon, and it’s sure to be rockin’. Be down at the club for seven o’clock sharp, dressed in your Hawaiian apparel. The prize for best costume takes your dancing enthusiasm into account, so be sure to show off all your best moves. Entrance is $1, and candy, pop, and freezies will be available for purchase.


Afternoon Race Program

There will be no ARP this week, as the instructors will be running a learn-to-sail program for the Lindsay Boys and Girls club. Afternoons will resume the following week.


Laser Masters

This weekend, we will be hosting the Ontario Laser Masters. If anyone is able to billet a sailor, please get in touch with Claire Prendergast at [email protected].


Final Thoughts

Our very own Meagan Woodman will be running a VHF course for anyone interested. Dates have yet to be decided, but if you would like to participate, get in touch with [email protected] and stay tuned for more information.


Please remember to bring sunscreen and a reusable water bottle to club, and if you are biking, wear a helmet and use the bike path! Finally, from a few too many personal experiences, slow down a lot when turning into the driveway. The gravel is infamous for causing wipeouts.


Lots of love,



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