Newsletter Week 3


Firstly, I would like to apologize for the late newsletter. These past few weeks have been non stop action for me and the newsletter was a low man on the totem pole. Never the less here is a recap for week 3.


The summer really seems to be flying by with week three already behind us and we are having as much fun as ever. From wet feet putting around in opti’s, all the way up to the senior race team participating in big regattas, everyone seems to really be enjoying their time at club. Third week featured a legendary funday, two fantastic films and most importantly a dance theme where creativity is key… Read on!


Tuesday Movie Night


Thankfully, for the most part our schedule almost never changes, thus movie night went off without a hitch. Shrek, a true classic was shown as the first movie and was followed up by the purge. An interesting concept for a movie delivered in lackluster format.


As usual, Movie Night will feature two films. The first of which will start at 6:30 and is open for all ages. The second starts somewhere around 8:30 and is for those who are or will be 13 or older this year. Please bring a dollar for admission, a few dollars for candy, and a reusable cup for juice consumption.


Wednesday Funday


Once again I’m thankful for our “set in stone” schedule so most knew Wednesday was a funday. However, this wasn’t just any regular funday, on Wednesday we packed up our snacks, sunscreen, towels, and dreams and sailed off to Verulam Park. Once there, we participated in a morning of chicken wars, dock jumping, west wind blows, and pizza consumption


Friday Night Dance


This Friday’s dance was the ABC (anything but clothes) dance. The dance was a chance to show off your artistic side and really get creative with your outfits. Past years have had people wearing anything from cardboard boxes to caution tape as a shirt. The moving art gallery (aka dance) will begin at 7:00 and will run till 9:00. Entrance cost 1$ and pop and freezies will be available for sale.


Closing thoughts

As always, please come prepared for everything that a day at SLSC can throw at you. This means being prepared for the weather with sunscreen, proper clothing, and WATERSHOES, as well as being prepared for the hunger with snacks and water.



This summer has been wild, featuring more sailing, more learning, more activity and more fun than prior summers. Which, has occasionally been overwhelming even for the best of us. Looking forward it seems that our numbers begin to slow down and we as instructors have a bit more breathing room to really show our true colors! So, look forward to the weeks ahead!!


Much love,



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