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Welcome, Welcome, Welcome to SLSC’s 60th summer. Starting tomorrow morning we embark on yet another fun fuelled summer of movie nights, dances, fundays, morning games, and of course sailing. Here to guide us through the summer is of course the…


Instructor Team!

This year we are excited to have many returning familiar faces and a couple “newcomers”

First off, I am beyond excited to be returning to SLSC for my third summer. Adding to my excitement is my new role, this time in the form of CANSail 4 instructor and co-head instructor.

Coming back for another wonderful summer of avoiding real life is my other Co-head instructor Meagan Woodman. Her role will also include being our floater where she will work her way around to all the levels.

After an extremely successful season last summer, Jacob Webster is joining us once again as the Race Coach. Where he will continue to produce high performance athletes who will attend regattas in the hopes of tasting sweet gold.

Michael Robson’s hopes and dreams have finally been realized with his promotion to CANSail 3 Instructor. A seasoned veteran, Michael is eager to work with students in a slightly more race-oriented program.

Also moving up the age ladder is another veteran, Adele DesBrisay. Who this year will be working with the CANSail 1/2 program and is also the “Elite Opti Race Squadron” (EORS) Leader.

Joining us for a much more “legal” summer is Cameron Riegel. Who, due to immigration issues found it challenging to get a job here in prior summers (silly American). Cameron will be joining Adele in teaching the CANSail 1/2 program.

Last but not least is our only true “newcomer” Sara Gilchrist. Ironically, Sara has already coached many of her student’s tennis making it hard to call her a newcomer. Sara will be getting her feet wet while coaching the Wet Feet program.


Tuesday Movie Night

 An age-old tradition, movie night occurs every Tuesday and features two action packed, back-to-back movies. The first movie is suitable for all ages and usually features a Disney or a Pixar film. The second movie is for ages 13 and tends be in the genres of comedy or horror. Showtime starts at 6:30 and runs until around 8:30 for the little ones and about 10:00 for the older kids. Admission cost 1$ and juice and popcorn will be provided. We also encourage that everyone bring their own cup to enjoy the delicious juice.


Wednesday Fun Day: Dumping day / Pirate day

Every Wednesday students tire of the difficult drills and the instructors tire of the students tiring and we take a quick midweek breather. This comes in the form of our legendary fun days. The first of which is of course dumping day. Here sailors are taught and retaught how to properly capsize their vessels in a fun, pirate themed manner.

Come equipped with your best pirate attire because an all-out water war usually ensues. Getting in the spirit is your best defense.


Wednesday Pizza Lunch

Following our amazing fundays is something even more amazing, pizza! The Lovely Christina Hall will be taking our pizza orders in the morning and as we finish our funday we come back to shore and enjoy a delicious slice. The options for pizza include cheese, hawaiian, pepperoni, and vegetarian. Also to be noted is pick up time for Wednesdays is typically 1:00 to allow time for pizza consumption.


Friday Night Dance: Pyjama Dance

Yet another classic SLSC tradition (yes we have a ton of them) is the Friday night dance. During these wonderful occasions all ages dress up in their finest pyjamas and dance the night away. The best dressed also wins a prize. Entry cost 2$ at the door also on sale will be soft drinks (1$), freezies (25 ¢) and potentially candy. It should also be noted that both the dance and movie night are run by the Silver Race team with instructor supervision.


Afternoon Race Program

Our afternoon race program offers sailors who wish to be more competitive a chance to get some extra training after lunch. For the senior sailors (420’s) afternoon race program will occur on Mondays, Wednesdays and Thursdays. The junior race program (Feva’s and Optimists) will be running on Tuesdays and Thursdays. All of which will be starting around 1:00 in the afternoon. The afternoon race coaches will be Jacob, Adele, Michael and myself.


Closing thoughts

We ask all sailors to come equipped with all the proper necessities for a full morning on the water. This includes a lifejacket, a towel, a change of clothes, foul weather gear, (especially if the conditions look gloomy!), closed-toe shoes, water bottle, a snack, a hat, and of course sunscreen. The weather up here can be humorously inconsistent so we recommend coming prepared for all types of weather.

Here at sailing club we believe in face-to-face interaction not playing on your gizmos and gadgets.  As such we have a strict no-gadget policy. Sailors, please leave the cell-phones and iPods in your backpack.

Additionally we want to once again remind bikers to wear their helmets and stay on the path to avoid sturgeon point road and golf links road intersection. It should be noted that not wearing your helmet can result in a hefty 75$ fine! On the topic of bike safety we will also be welcoming a member of the OPP to talk about said topic with the sailors.

As a final note I just wanted to once again express my excitement for the summer. I have called SLSC home for 12 summers, each of which has yielded amazing times and great friendships. My goal is to have SLSC continue provide sailors with good times, great memories and life-long friendships!

Looking forward to an amazing 60th!

Graeme Shea

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