SLSC Newsletter Week 2!

Weekly Newsletter #2

Wow, what an amazing first week of sailing club! We truly couldn’t have asked for better sailing weather and we definitely couldn’t have asked more great kids. Seriously, 64 kids might be a record for SLSC. Nevertheless, we had an extremely successful week filled with good wind, big smiles, and great times. If the first week is a harbinger of things to come, then we’re in for a great summer!

Tuesdays Movie Night:

Last Tuesday Movie Night saw the premiere of High School Musical, a tale of high school and music. The film was very well received by the girls in the audience and a bit less well received by the boys. Regardless, be sure to return this Tuesday for a completely fresh new flick, sure to be well received by all.

As usual, Movie Night will feature two films. The first of which will start at 6:30 and is open for all ages. The second starts somewhere around 8:30 and is for those who are or will be 13 or older this year. Please bring a dollar for admission, a few dollars for candy, and a reusable cup for juice consumption.

Wednesday Balloon Day!

One of the most popular fun days, Balloon Day, is a non-stop, action packed day of catching, popping, screaming, and stomping balloons. It features a plethora of balloon related activities, all of which are exhausting in their own right. Don’t fret however, for after the madness that is balloon day, comes the sweet taste of Godfather’s pizza, pink lemonade and jumbo freezies. Embrace your inner balloon and come dressed in your favourite balloon colour.

Wednesday Night Races:

We start our Wednesday Night Race series this week! Here, contestants will sail into the sunset in pursuit of receiving a shout out on the weekly newsletter (*see “weekly race winners”). They start at 6:30 and are only for those enrolled in sailing club (sorry parents). To sweeten the deal, those who attend will also receive s’mores after their racing.

Friday Night Dance Hawaiian!

Having had such beautiful weather and nice warm water, the silvers decided to cancel their trip to Hawaii and instead bring a slice of Hawaii to Sturgeon. As such, this Friday’s dance will be Hawaiian themed so be sure to come dressed in your finest hula skirt and traditional Hawaiian garb. The luau will start at 7pm and end at 9pm. As always, entrance is one dollar, and pop, freezies, and candy will be available for sale.

Steerers and Four Sisters regattas:

This Thursday marks the start of the older sailors’ racing summer with many of them heading off to compete in their first regatta of the season. As such, I want to wish them all the best of luck. Bring home the gold!

Weekly Race Winners:

Starting this summer, we decided to go green and stop giving out those pesky ribbons that end up as filler in your drawers. Instead we decided to have the names of our champions immortalized by congratulating them in the newsletter where it will be up on the SLSC website for all time. Additionally, the names will be posted on the cork board outside the new building for all to see. So without further ado, your Sunday aft Champions for week one are… (drumroll)

1st : Margaret, Ava W, Ava H and Jules

2nd : Kate Thomas and friends

3rd: Isabella and Simon Aspinwall

4th: Parker, Rowan, Jake, Sawyer and Braden

Closing Thoughts:

As always, please come prepared for everything that a day at SLSC can throw at you. This means being prepared for the weather with sunscreen, proper clothing, and WATERSHOES, as well as being prepared for the hunger with snacks and water.

Having done first aid three of five days this week, I wholeheartedly recommend slowing down to a snail pace when approaching the slippery gravel of the SLSC driveway on your bike.  Please parents remind your kids helmets are to be worn when biking to and from sailing club.

Finally, as we continue into our second week, I must say that week one flew by in an instant, consistent with the adage: “time flies when you’re having fun.” Overall, both the instructor team and the kids seem to be settling right back in and I can’t wait to see what week two will bring!

Much love,

Graeme Shea

P.S. If you have any questions, comments or concerns feel free to email myself or Meagan at [email protected] or you can phone the sailing club at 705-887-5110

You can find SLSC on Instagram @slscinsta, on Twitter @slscca or on Facebook at SLSC

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