SLSC 2022: Chapter 6

Week 6 It’s hard to believe that we’re already this far into our summer at the sailing club. I guess they were right when they said: time flies when you’re having fun!! And we have definitely been having so. much. fun! Our sailors have persevered all summer, and are working hard in the home stretch … Read more


WEEK 5 Ruby and I have some enormous shoes to fill following the departure of Charlie and his incredible newsletters (we miss you Charlie!!). The summer is absolutely flying by, and it’s hard to believe we’re already more than halfway through the summer! Our sailors have shown so much enthusiasm and progress already, and we … Read more

SLSC 2022: Chapter 4

WEEK 4 Despite no longer being an instructor, Matthew managed to squeeze one more newsletter out of me (gotta do what the #BossMan says) before I pass the torch to Sinclair and Ruby.  These past three weeks have flown by, and with the month of July already coming to a close, sailors are checking off … Read more

SLSC 2022: Chapter 3

My apologies for the delay in posting the newsletter this week. It was a busy weekend…  WEEK 3 It’s hard to believe that we are already ¼th  of the way through sailing club… But we raise our glasses to our session one-ers and welcome both familiar and new session two-ers for two more weeks of … Read more

SLSC 2022: Chapter 2

WEEK 2  I hope everyone had a wonderful first week of club! We now look to week 2 as an opportunity to build on our passion, drive, and love for all things sailing and SLSC.  INSTRUCTOR DINNERS  Do you have an excess of food in your fridges/pantries? Don’t you really want to make sure that … Read more

SLSC 2022: Chapter 1

WEEK 1 The countdown is over! The glory days of summer, a.k.a. Sailing Club, have officially begun. We, the instructors, have unpacked boats and covered ourselves from head to toe in sunscreen and mosquito repellent in preparation. We can’t wait to be teaching again. We plan to start the week with some “cobweb sailing” to … Read more

SLSC 2019: Chapter 8

Tuesday Night Movie This Tuesday is our final movie night. Come out to the club for 6pm for an hour and 45 minutes ish and enjoy some juice and popcorn for $1 and bring some extra cash to buy candy. If you’re over the age of 13 (or turning 13 by December 31st) there will … Read more

SLSC 2019: Chapter 7

Week 7 Holy cow! The instructors can’t believe that it is already Week 7. After a week of bad weather and lots of mafia and darling, the sailors are ready to be back on the water. Even though the summer is winding down, SLSC still has tons of fun activities planned, so stay tuned. Cottage … Read more

SLSC 2019: Chapter 6

Civic Regatta A HUGE thank you is needed to all of our volunteers who made the Civic Holiday Regatta such a success! Maija Rix, Tom Kidd, Jack Foxwell, Harry Doane and Cathy DesBrisay helped out as mark and safety boats; Sophie Day and Jon Kidd made our lunches, and Sara GIlchrsit and Elliott Ollerhead helped … Read more

SLSC 2019: Chapter 5

Week 5  It seems as if just last week, our instructors arrived at club ready to unpack boats and cover our bodies in mosquito repellent. However, the month of July has come to an end and I am officially out of a job (I wasn’t fired, I quit…). It has been a fantastic four weeks … Read more

SLSC 2019: Chapter 4

Week 4 The first month is coming to a close and it seems as if everyone has gotten back into the summer groove. Our sailors are checking off skills left and right on their checklick, and our July instructors (that’s me!) are preparing for their final week of this vigorous job. The wind gods finally … Read more