SLSC 2022: Chapter 3

My apologies for the delay in posting the newsletter this week. It was a busy weekend… 


It’s hard to believe that we are already ¼th  of the way through sailing club… But we raise our glasses to our session one-ers and welcome both familiar and new session two-ers for two more weeks of grueling Olympic sailing training. 

And if there is anything that we learned from the first two weeks of sailing club, it is that we are never to trust the Backshed to clean up and close up after a Friday night dance again (but really, it’s our fault). The rumours are true. The local pack of racoons is back and they made their way into the upstairs clubhouse and wreaked havoc upon the building. But not to fear! Our brave Head and Assistant Head Instructors Jack “Doug Prosciutto” DesBrisay and Matthew “no nickname yet” Day put on some close-toed shoes, masks, and disinfected, destroyed, and disposed (I love alliteration) of anything and everything that the racoons touched. I don’t think the clubhouse has been this clean in years.


There are a finite number of ways I can inform you that there is a movie night on Tuesday beginning at 6pm (NOT 6:30) and ending around 7:30ish (NOT 8ish), and I am already running out of ways to do so and we’re only on week 3… Remember $1 for entry, some extra cash for candy, pop, and freezies, and a REUSABLE cup for juice. 


This week’s funday will be “Treasure Hunt Day!” Have your children come to club in their best explorer attire (either pirate or Indiana Jones-esque) to sail around the lake collecting clues to decipher a super secret phrase that will win them a handsome prize (likely oreos). 

And even if your sailor doesn’t win a vast treasure, they will still be rewarded with cheese, pepperoni, Hawaiian, or vegetarian pizza and a dessert. Club will end around 1-1:15pm. 


It’s time to relive the glory days and bust out your rusty (no offense), but impeccable dance moves at the Gala this Saturday in the new building. The Gala starts at 6:30 and ends at 10 (can someone fact check this?) There will be a silent auction and an open bar. This also happens to be a perfect opportunity to embarrass your kids from across the driveway, as they will be dancing from 7-9pm in the clubhouse. This week’s theme is 80s for both adults and children. Make sure to send your kids with extra money to buy candy, freezies, and pop, as well as a $1 admission fee at the door. 

I believe more details for the Gala will be sent out soon. 


I’d like to give a huge shoutout to everyone who came to Sunday Afts this past Sunday! We operated three races with one handicap fleet consisting of nine boats—420s, Fevas, an Opti, an Albacore, and even a Zest. Our very own, Rowan Rix, took home the gold in a 420 with his girlfriend #LoveBoat! Come on out next Sunday at 1pm—with the first gun, hopefully, at 1:30pm—to dethrone Rowan. Anyone and everyone is welcome (even if you or your child is not signed up for club!) and you may use the club’s boats or bring your own. 


Here is the link to the instructor dinner signup for anyone that might have missed it in the last newsletter: 

Please remember to bring sunscreen, a hat, snacks, close toed shoes, a towel, a life jacket, and a REUSABLE water bottle. For the days encompassing rain and thunder, please bring appropriate foul weather gear. Also, please remember that sailing club starts at 8:30, so please try not to arrive before then. 

If you are biking, please remember a helmet. And if you are driving, please please PLEASE pay special mind to the club’s many bikers. 



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