SLSC 2022: Chapter 4


Despite no longer being an instructor, Matthew managed to squeeze one more newsletter out of me (gotta do what the #BossMan says) before I pass the torch to Sinclair and Ruby. 

These past three weeks have flown by, and with the month of July already coming to a close, sailors are checking off skills left and right on their Checklick (which we actually update on a frequent basis this year! You can thank #BossMan Matthew Day for that). 


Movie night. Tuesday. 6pm. $1 entry. Extra $$ for candy, pop, freezies. REUSABLE CUP for juice. 7:30(ish)pm pickup. Second movie if 13+ years of age. Fin


This week we head to the ever exotic, 5-star vacation spot, Verulam Park! Remember to send your kids with sunscreen and towels as they will be tanning and frolicking along the sandy, white beaches until 2:30pm. The instructors will boat over (provided that all of our coach boats work…) to Verulam with all your kids belongings—so please pack light, this is a one day trip after all—while your kids will sail there in boats of mixed-level sailors. 

Our beloved, Sandy Holt, will drive the pizza over to Verulam for our sailors to once again have the options of vegetarian, cheese, pepperoni, and Hawaiian pizza. 


“It’s time to get groovy, baby!” -Austin Powers. 

Venture down to our very own discotheque (the clubhouse) from 7-9pm with $1 for entry to get GROOVY. Send your children in their best sequin bell bottoms and glittery shirts for a chance to win the prize for best costume! And in the brief moments your kids aren’t dancing to “Le Freak” by Chic, they’ll need some extra money for pop, candy, and freezies. 


While Sunday Afts were most unfortunately canceled last week (meaning Rowan’s #LoveBoat still remains on the Sunday Afts throne), Civic regatta will take its place this weekend! Skippers’ meeting is at 9am, so come early to rig your boats. More details were sent out by our commodore, Richard Roberts. 


Here is the link to the instructor dinner signup: 

Please remember to bring sunscreen, a hat, snacks, close toed shoes, a towel, a life jacket, and a REUSABLE water bottle. For the days encompassing rain and thunder, please bring appropriate foul weather gear. Also, please remember that sailing club starts at 8:30, so please try not to arrive before then. 

If you are biking, please remember a helmet. And if you are driving, please please PLEASE pay special mind to the club’s many bikers. 



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  1. Thanks, Charlie, for your humourous and informative weekly updates on what’s happening at SLSC. We’ve enjoyed reading them.
    All the best for the rest of the summer.

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