SLSC 2022: Chapter 2


I hope everyone had a wonderful first week of club! We now look to week 2 as an opportunity to build on our passion, drive, and love for all things sailing and SLSC. 


Do you have an excess of food in your fridges/pantries? Don’t you really want to make sure that food doesn’t go to waste? What if the answers to your food abundance “problems” also happen to be great company? You guessed it—instructor dinners are back! Feel free, but absolutely no obligation, to invite our team of instructors over to your place for dinner. These dinners serve as great opportunities for you and your kids to get to know our team outside of work hours, and I promise we will entertain with fascinating conversation (especially Jack “Doug Prosciutto” DesBrisay—he is said to be the most interesting man in the world). Please use this link to sign up: 


After last week’s tragic re-debut of movie nights, the Backshed has attended a strenuous “how to work a projector 101” course and is now equipped with the skills to begin screening a movie at 6:30 and have it end at 8ish. The Backshed also fell short in the juice department, in that there wasn’t any… So, this time around, to right another wrong, expect the Backshed to provide sufficient popcorn and juice (that they will pour into your REUSABLE cups). And bring $1 for entry and some extra $$$ for candy, freezies, and pop.


This week’s fun day will be “balloon day,” a.k.a. “Harry Potter day.” Your kids will be placed in boats with sailors from all levels and will try to collect as many balloons as possible. Each balloon colour is worth a different amount of points (like in quidditch!), and the boat with the most points at the end of the day, or with the “golden snitch” in their possession, wins a prize. 

Last week, the instructors were disappointed to see a lack of fun day enthusiasm—not a soul dressed up in pirate attire. (We did find a kid’s abandoned pirate hat after club, signaling that one sailor tried, which only added to our heartbreak.) This Wednesday, get in spirit and have your kids dress like their favorite wizards, witches, and warlocks! 

Sailors will also have the choice of cheese, pepperoni, vegetarian, and Hawaiian for our customary celebratory pizza lunch. Club will end around 1-1:15 instead of 12:30. 


According to Wikipedia, the toga, a distinctive garment of the ancient Romans, was (eventually) “only worn by the highest classes for ceremonial occasions,” and what could be more high class and ceremonial than a Friday night toga dance from 7-9pm at the clubhouse? So, jump into your most spectacular Roman garb and bring a dollar for entry, some extra money for pop, candy, and freezies, and, of course, your dance moves (bonus points to anyone that shows up to the club able to perform an ancient Roman dance routine). The best costume wins a prize!


If you’re feeling competitive, come down to the club this Sunday (17th) from 1:00-4:30 for Sunday Afternoon Races! Anyone and everyone is welcome. You may use the club’s boats or bring your own #BYOB. The first gun will be at 1:30, but we recommend arriving early if you’re using the club’s boats. We will determine what fleets we will have based on who shows up. And if your kids want to see how they stack up against their instructors, we have been known to partake in Sunday Afts from time to time… 


For those with boat slips at the club, please note the new boat slip parking space next to the new building near the trailers. (The sign was made by yours truly!)

More notably, history was made in the first week of club, summer 2022 when the instructors found not one, not two, not three, but FOUR pairs of underwear lying around after club hours. The culprit is still at large, but I must ask that you remind your children to take all their belongings home with them… including their underwear. 


This week especially looks to be a bit rainy, so please send your kids to club with appropriate foul weather gear. And please remember to bring sunscreen, a hat, snacks, close toed shoes, a towel, a life jacket, and a REUSABLE water bottle. 

We would also like to remind everyone that club starts at 8:30, so we ask that you arrive as close to then as possible. We use the time before club to create rigging lists, finalize lessons, and tend to any additional maintenance needed around the club. Plus, I’m sure you and your children wouldn’t mind a few extra minutes of sleep (I know I wouldn’t). 

If you are biking, please remember a helmet. And if you are driving, please please PLEASE pay special mind to the club’s many bikers.



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