Catch Two Canadian Sailing Documentaries

A quick note from OSA to all sailing and sports enthusiasts: An invitation to watch The O CANADA Project Sunday December 11 at 7pm on CBC’s Documentary Channel. Rogers 325, Cogeco 170, Bell TV 336, Shaw Direct 513, Shaw 124, and Videotron 151 The O CANADA Project tells the story of New Zealand boat builder … Read more

33rd America’s Cup

Well if you are a sailing fan then you probably already know that the 33rd America’s Cup regatta begins this Monday, Feb 8th, 2010.  For those of you that aren’t sailing fans let me see if I can convince you that this deserves some attention. A Brief History It is called the America’s Cup after … Read more

Do You Know your Rules?

Here is a link to a rules quiz…test your knowledge and learn some rules.  Do the test once and then do it again every month until the racing season starts next year.  By then you will be a rules junkie and a more confident sailor when you are back on the course.

Wisdom from a Master’s Champion

This is an excerpt from Rob Koci’s blog that appears on the Laser District 3 Website.  Rob was the Provincial Master’s Laser Champion at last summer’s provincial championship regatta held at SLSC and this was taken from his lessons learned report from the Brockville Regatta last summer: “I like sailing.  I really just discovered that … Read more

420 Tips From the Tops

From the Team Vanguard site. The following measurements are those we have found to be the fastest settings for a Club 420. After experimentation you may find that a slightly different setting may mean even better boat speed for you and your style of sailing. The Club 420 is an extremely popular boat used in … Read more