SLSC First ever Boxing Day Sail?!?

Incredible Boxing Day Sail! You read that right! “Sail”, not “Sale” !  Richard Roberts took full advantage of the unseasonably mild weather, and launched his laser on Boxing Day, quipping “maybe we can host the Canadian Masters during the Christmas Break next year!”

Sturgeon Point Shinny…

While we wait out the winter until the sailing season returns, there are still opportunities to interact with the SLSC community!  It’s time to get your skates sharpened, sticks taped, helmets at the ready and start thinking about hitting the ice over the holidays! Ice has been booked at the Fenelon Falls Arena for some friendly shinny … Read more

2015 RS Feva Ontario Series Current Standings

Ontario’s fledgling, but growing, Feva fleet has seen increasing turnout at the most recent regattas, with Steerers at PCYC hosting a fleet of 10 Fevas.  SLSC proudly fielded its whole fleet at both Steerers and Four Sisters Regattas, and looks forward to sending solid representation to EYC for its Hans Fogh Youth Regatta in August. … Read more

Spring Letter from The Commodore

You should have received this letter in your email.  If not, it means one of two things: (a) you haven’t signed up for our mailing list, or (b) you have signed up, but the email got filtered out by your spam/junk mail filters. If it’s (a), you may remedy this by clicking the link on … Read more

Help Us Stay in Touch…

We have been doing some spring cleaning of our email database.  If you have not signed up for our mailing list, please do so.  Even if you have, or think you have*, please update your preferences (or re-subscribe, if you have been deleted), by completing the sign-up form online, here. By confirming your profile is up to … Read more