Spring Letter from The Commodore

You should have received this letter in your email.  If not, it means one of two things: (a) you haven’t signed up for our mailing list, or (b) you have signed up, but the email got filtered out by your spam/junk mail filters.

If it’s (a), you may remedy this by clicking the link on the right, and filling out the form… you may then rest easy knowing you won’t miss any future emails from us!  If it’s (b), you’ll have to search your spam/junk mail folder and take steps to add us to your safe-senders list, or whatever your email client calls it.

One highlight:  We have moved to Online Registration and payment for SLSC Programs!  So, no more having to remember a chequebook… and you can earn Frequent Flyer miles (or whatever other loyalty program points you have associated with your credit card(s))!

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