Wisdom from a Master’s Champion

This is an excerpt from Rob Koci’s blog that appears on the Laser District 3 Website.  Rob was the Provincial Master’s Laser Champion at last summer’s provincial championship regatta held at SLSC and this was taken from his lessons learned report from the Brockville Regatta last summer:

“I like sailing.  I really just discovered that a little while ago.  I thought I liked competing, and sailing was my avenue for that, but the truth is,  I like sailing.

Both days [of this Regatta], I was the first guy out by a long shot. Normally, we all wait for someone else to launch, or the committee boat to leave the dock. But I just hopped into my boat and went sailing.

As I left the channel, I heard someone call out, “keener!!” as a tease…  I knew I might get that reputation, and it’s a bit uncomfortable, but hey, if the shoe fits…

I remember reading an interview with Robert Schelt. He said he would go out by himself all the time just to see if he could make his boat go a little faster. He loved to go out by himself. He loved sailing and did it when no one else did. It served him well.

I love sailing, and if I become the butt of jokes, that has become okay with me as well.  I love sailing.  I’ll bet you do, too.”

Let’s be out early for races this summer…for the fun of it.

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