SLSC Newsletter – Week #6

We smoothly sail into the club’s sixth week, rounding the leeward buoy and back up to the summer’s finish line. Still so much to get through: the season’s biggest regatta, an entirely inventive dance, and a Fun Day dedicated to the promotion of gambling. Intense!

Victory at Cottage Club!


In the instructor lounge at the Stony Lake Yacht Club there’s a stolen SLSC sign, where the words have cleverly been changed to say “Sturgeon Lake Sailing Chumps”. That’s okay in our books, we can take a joke, and we have a plethora of stolen signs from their compound as well, with far cruder methods of teasing their acronym.

Meanwhile at Cottage Club, the Chumps triumphed over all our fellow cottage-country sailors! Maija and Margaret landed in first place in the 420 class, while the SLSC Fevas swept the podium, thanks to the incredible talents of Scarlett and Raeha, Jack and Sophie, and Ruby and Clara. Long live the chumps!


Fresh off their victories at Stony, we’re bidding farewell to Maija, Margaret, Kate, Madeleine, Sophie, and our coaches Adele and Jacob, as they head off to Kingston. The biggest freshwater regatta on the planet starts on Monday and our Race Team will be frontline in the action. We wish our crew the best of luck!

Movie Night

The few remaining Silvers will be hosting our weekly movie night at the boathouse this Tuesday. The first of the double-header of flicks starts at 6:30 and lasts until 8:15 (more or less), while the second reel plays right after and is open to all 13 year olds and over. Both pictures cost $1 each and there will undoubtedly be popcorn, juice, and plenty of candy!

Poker Day

A sort-of-well-loved Fun Day reaches us this week; the annual Poker Day! Sailors will crisscross the lake, stopping by coach-boats and receiving playing cards, in hopes of putting together the best poker hand they can. It’s one of my favourite fun days! Or am I bluffing? Nah, it’s about middle of the pack.

Wednesday Night Races

Our second-last Wednesday Night Races segment will take place Wednesday evening at 6:30. These are miraculous events; there’s nothing more beautiful than sailing into an August sunset. We will offer s’mores at the end of the night, and 1st place ribbons for everybody, because we’ve run out 2nds and 3rds.

Friday Night Dance: ABC

The ABC dance was first invented by the Ancient Egyptians in 24AD, after King Nephasailedbefhor’s clothing delivery went missing. The party was kept alive by the miraculous idea of wearing “Anything But Clothes”. The silvers honour Nephasailedbefhor’s tradition by throwing an ABC party, where dancers will be required to wear anything but what they’d usually wear (cardboard box, tin foil, sheets, get inventive!)

Lost and Found

The SLSC Lost-&-Found is a black-hole flying through space, sucking in any possessions that have been abandoned by lackadaisical sailors. Come check it out, you may find something you’ve lost long long ago. It is overflowing!

Last thoughts

As always, dress for success (weather-wise), wear closed toe shoes, change of clothes, towel, etc. August if flying by, we gotta make the best of what we got left!




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