SLSC Newsletter – Week #7

We have somehow inexplicably reached the penultimate week before the season’s finale. It’s certainly a difficult pill to swallow, but its side effects include rose-coloured vision and borderline depression. The finish line is in sight; shall we go out kicking and screaming or sail down the green mile with our heads held high?

Tuesday Fun Day: X-Mas

Last year, Megan and I put our heads together to invent the most legendary Fun Day of all time and an instant classic amongst the SLSC community. And for incredible reasons; we’re celebrating Christmas in August! Our list of activities include Bob-Sleigh, Find Santa, and the soon-to-be-controversial Milk-Flip-Cup on the raft — leave your religious preferences and lactose intolerance at the door!

Tuesday Movie Night

I’m running out of fancy ways of presenting the weekly movie nights. So in simplified bullet format: 2 movies, each costs $1, first movie starts at 6:30PM, second movie starts at 8:15PM, second movie is targeted only for +13 audiences, and juice and popcorn will be served. Excellent stuff!

Wednesday Night Races

Our final Wednesday night race session will take place this Wednesday at 6:30PM! All sailing club sailors are encouraged to attend one final sail into the summer’s sunset. It’s predicted to be a beautiful evening.

Friday Night Dance

The Silvers are hosting the annual Boy/Girl dance this Friday at 7PM. It involves crossdressing, and witnessing both the pains and comforts of the opposite gender’s outfits. Should be incredibly inspiring. The party lasts until 9PM and costs $1 for entry. Pop and freezees will be sold too, obviously.

EYC Regatta

This Wednesday morning the Feva Race Team is Etobicoke-bound for the season’s final regatta. We wish our sailors — Jack DesBrisay, Elliott Ollerhead, Scarlett Farr, Raeha Rix Wilson, Ruby Farr, Clara Hall, Matthew Day, Liam McAvoy, Cameron Ollerhead, and Rowan Rix — the best of luck as they represent our club on the murky waters of Lake Ontario!

Last thingies

Sunscreen, hat, bathing suit, towel, foul-weather gear, a change of clothes, a hat, and a water bottle and snack! These are all things that no one should be forgetting while packing their bags to go to sailing club! Keep your heads in the game, kids. Looking forward to another terrific week!



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