SLSC Newsletter Week #5

With the Civic regatta weekend behind us, we have officially reached the halfway point of our sailing season. The month of August comes with the feeling of impending doom, but there is still a plethora of items we need to strike off the summer’s bucket list. The season’s mall is slowly closing but there’s a clearance sale going on and our wallets are filled with fun-dollars.

Tuesday (Not Wednesday) Verulam Fun Day

We’re hitting the ground running with our annual venture to Verulam Beach. The day will be spent sand-castling, dock-jumping, and playing vicious games of ultimate frisbee, which I promise not to take as seriously as I have in years past.

So as not to rush through our day of activities, pick-up will be at 2PM at the sailing club. Christina Hall, our pizza-lady-heroine, is meeting us on the beach for our regular fun-day pizza delivery. The ARPers (Afternoon Race Program) will start their training immediately upon arrival at the club — they’ve got a busy week ahead, more of that to follow.

Tuesday Movie Night

This week the Silvers are hosting their regular movie night at the sailing club Boathouse. As always, the double-feature of summer flicks starts at 6:30 PM and costs $1. The second movie, for those aged 13 and up, costs another $1 and begins immediately following the first film (around 8:30PM).

Cottage Club Regatta

This Wednesday we wave goodbye to all three of our race-teams as they visit our cousins and longtime rivals, Stony Lake. The SLYC is hosting Cottage Club this year, opening its doors to its neighbouring sailing clubs from around southern Ontario. We wish our Opti, Feva, and 420 sailors the best of luck as they compete for the pride of their club, the objective superior.

Friday Night Dance

The Silver Race Team will race home from Stony to host the Dance at the clubhouse — a theme is still yet to be decided, but the minute it is, the world will know. Entrance costs $1 but there are plenty of goodies for sale. The party starts at 7PM and goes until 9PM.

Final thoughts

We have a brief but incredible week ahead of us. As always (especially for Verulam!) bring sunscreen, an extra change of clothes, foul-weather gear (hopefully not for Verulam), and plenty of snacks and water. If August is anything like July, we’re in for a heated month of incredible stuff.



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