SLSC Newsletter – Week #4


The final week of July approaches – (where has this summer gone?!) – but as we wave goodbye to the month, we can enjoy arguably the greatest week hosted by the SLSC. Featured in the seven days to come: a celebration of produce, a dance from the past, and our monumental home-court regatta.


Yesterday, we welcomed back SLSC’s race teams from HYC’s Fruit Bowl and PCYC’s Steerers and Four Sisters regattas. Our Silver Race Team made incredible strides under the tutelage of incredible coaches from across the nation (including Jacob), while our Junior Race Team thrived in the Feva fleets on Lake Ontario. An especial congratulation to Liam and Lewis, and Raeha and Scarlette, who climbed on to the Steerers and Four Sisters podiums! We’re happy to have you all back, but we sure did enjoy a quieter clubhouse.


* When I first published this I mistakenly wrote Scarlette’s sister’s name, Ruby! Although Ruby championed the course, Scarlette was the Farr that reached the podium!

Tuesday Fun Night

This week is predicted to be a scorcher, so the Silvers are sparing us from the sweat-lodge movie-night and instead offering the summer’s first Fun Night: a series of fun-in-the-sun games across the sailing club. The plan is to still host a second movie (for viewers 13 and up) afterward. Both events cost $1 each.

Fruit Olympics

This week, we’re proud to host the SLSC’s 100th annual Fruit Olympics, a series of games that put PanAm to shame. This Wednesday our practical sailing skills take a backseat as we play Watermelon Football, Apple Bobbing, Lime Swim, Neck-Orange, and the infamous Car-Push-Then-Eat-Mushy-Bananas Game – a sport so ridiculous it doesn’t even deserve a catchier name. Seriously, the best Fun Day of the summer!

Disco Dance

Disco music has somehow become the major contributor to the SLSC’s dance repertoire; Carl Douglas’s Kung Fu Fighting, Van McCoy’s The Hustle, Chic’s Le Freak, the list goes on. To honour the era that brings life to our Friday nights, the Silvers will host the renowned Disco Dance. Ask your parents what to wear! The groove starts at 7PM and lasts until 9PM. Entrance costs $1, but there will be pop, freezies, and candy for sale as well!

And to fuel your disco spirits, I give you the greatest music video of all time.

Civic Weekend

Our annual Civic Weekend begins this Saturday! For all those interested in competing, registration is scheduled for 9AM at the clubhouse. The regatta offers Opti, Pico, 420, Laser Radial, Laser full-rigs, and handicap classes. Following our day of races, a barbeque party and prizegiving will be held at Rosehill on Sunday. Check in on the SLSC website later this week for more information regarding the notice of races and more details about the regatta.

Food Drive

The sailing club is once again devoting its efforts in supporting the Salvation Army food drive. This year however, we’re adding the spirit of competition to the spirit of charity. We ask all sailors this week to bring non-perishable food items (cans of food, Kraft Dinner, etc.) to Megan Thomas, our good-will ambassador. But following the tallying of the donations, we will reward the level that has donated the most food with a massive bowl of candy. So please bring anything your house or cottage can spare!

Last thoughts

This week is predicted to be insanely hot, so please bring a water bottle as well as sunscreen and a hat. And as always, an extra change of clothes, closed toe shoes, foul-weather gear, and so on.

Additionally, we ask our bikers to please wear their helmets! Yes, I know the speed limit is 30 and the streets are filled with responsible drivers and pedestrians, but safety always comes first here at Sturgeon. Throw on those ‘casquettes’!



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