SLSC Newsletter – Week #3

We had a terrific second week of sailing club, and we’re rounding the corner around the summer’s upwind mark as we speed through the first quarter of our season. Incredible things are coming up; regattas near and far, a legendary fun day, and the instructors are hosting a dance!? What a cliff-hanger — read on!


Tuesday Balloon Day (Not Wednesday!)

One of the longest-standing traditions at the SLSC has been our annual Balloon Day, a vicious on-water battle-royale. On this day, we unharness a literal ton of balloons on a frantic racecourse. Collisions are unavoidable and it’s a day we all praise our choice of investing in plastic boats over fiberglass.


Tuesday Movie Night

Last week we were treated to “The Parent Trap” and “Evil Dead”, a terrific combination. The former featured Lindsay Lohan’s first big-screen appearance; the latter is a statement about her career’s status today.

This Tuesday, all are welcome to the Boathouse for another double-feature night of movies. The first movie starts at 6:30 and costs one dollar, the second movie, open to 13-year-olds and up, costs another dollar and begins around 8:30. Bring a cup for juice and extra money for snacks!


Wednesday Night Races and Sunday Afts

We will be carrying on with our Wednesday night and Sunday Afternoon race series! This Wednesday at 6:30, all SLSC sailors are invited to return to club to enjoy a couple races around the lake, or a gentle bob, which is usually what it turns out to be.

Sunday, however, is a different story and we’re usually pummelled with breeze. Sunday Afts starts at 1PM and is open to any sailors from across the land.


Friday night dance

This week we are parting ways with our Silvers (*see Regattas), who typically run the Friday night dances. Being the instructor unit dream-team that we are, we’ve embraced the challenge of holding the torch, and we will devote ourselves to running a spectacular dance party. Though we are currently theme-less, expect an announcement in the upcoming flag-raisings.

And! Thanks to the efforts of David Stewart, the old building has been restored and secured and declared fit for SLSC dances once again. Come on down to the original clubhouse at 7PM, with $1, and the energy to rock out until 9PM.



This week we wish our Silver and Bronze race teams the best of luck as they scatter across the country in search of some gold! The Feva fleet, helmed by Meagan Woodman, is off to PCYC to compete in both Steerers and Four Sisters regattas, while Jacob Webster is leading the 420s to Hudson, Quebec for the legendary Fruit Bowl regatta! This is SLSC’s first visit to Fruit Bowl since the 1970s – the ban has been lifted, but we won’t return their signs.

Best of luck to all the racers! We’ll be over here, enjoying a nice, calm, teen-less, program.


Last thoughts

Remember to dress for success; towel, hat, sunscreen, closed-toe shoes, an extra pair of clothes, foul-weather gear, etc. We have another wonderful week ahead of us, let’s soak it in before the summer flies by!




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