SLSC Newsletter – Week #2


What an excellent first week at the SLSC! We had a massive amount of sailors registered; we were only missing the winds in our sails. Four days of dead wind and one day of too much. The inconsistency in our weather patterns is only one of the many charms of a summer of sailing at Sturgeon. It’s a charm worth embracing, but I’m looking forward to a few more gusts to move us along through the brilliant month of July.


Afternoon race program 

We are pleased to re-introduce our Afternoon Race Program (ARP) into the 2015 season. We run our program Tuesdays and Thursdays, offering practice in Optimist, Feva, and 420 classes. Regattas are quickly approaching on our horizon, see you ARPers this week!


Tuesday movie night

This past Tuesday we were treated to “The Emperor’s New Groove”. Loosely based off true events, the story follows a wealthy and vain South American emperor who is transformed into a llama. It was a heartwarming coming-of-age story, and a handy step-by-step instruction on what to do should these incredible circumstances arise in your life.

The Silvers’ next movie night will take place this Tuesday at 6:30PM, a double-header of feature films. Both movies cost $1 each and the second flick – open to 13-year-olds and up – begins around 8PM, depending on the length of the first.


Wednesday Fun Day: Treasure Hunt

This Wednesday, the SLSC will be hosting its celebrated Treasure Hunt. It features a race across the lake, following poorly written clues to fabled locations from Sturgeon to Lindsay. It is a stressful, stressful day as each boat bickers about their next potential looking-place, while cursing the instructors who designed their flawed clues.

To relieve the predictable conflicts, the legendary Treasure Hunt will be followed by another pizza lunch, which will feature pizza, lemonade, ice cream sandwiches and apologies from instructors for drafting either obvious or impossible clues.


Wednesday night races

Our first Wednesday night races begin this Wednesday night at 6:30PM. Like the Sunday Afts, we tally the points of all contestants at the end of the summer to decipher the winner. But unlike the Sunday Afts, it is only open to sailing club sailors, so the competition is intense and passionate!


Friday night dance

*See Saturday night dance


Saturday night dance 

To coincide with the Non-Gala Gala (*see Non-Gala Gala), our usual Friday night dance will be pushed back a day so that the sailors can also take part in the festivities. I’m not certain that the dance theme has been written in stone yet, but from what I’ve heard so far, it may be a good idea to dust off your hula skirts and leis…

The party will commence at 7PM and will last until 9PM, and like always, entrance costs $1, and pop, freezies, and candy are all for sale!


The Non-Gala Gala

The Non-Gala Gala has returned from popular demand, this Saturday at 7PM! It is the party of the summer, taking place downstairs in the Boathouse. Bring your party pants and your dancing shoes (and maybe a donation or Hor D’Oeuvres, both are heralded to equal importance).

For information, please see our formal-ish invitation!


Last thoughts

As usual, please prepare for the weather in the skies and the hunger of your sailor. Snacks, water, sunscreen, foul-weather gear, closed-toe shoes, and an extra change of clothes are all important necessities for an SLSC backpack!

Lastly, please remain vigilant on the road to the clubhouse. There are still bears on the loose (though they have remained friendly so far), and please remember to wear your helmets!


Looking forward to another action-packed week,



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