Ontario Summer Games with a Silver Lining

It was a fabulous showing from the SLSC sailors at this year’s Ontario Summer Games held in Sudbury.

All of our sailors had personal triumphs:  Amy and Kate scraped off their rust, won the last two races and came home with Silver Medals – the 4th straight Summer Games in which an SLSC boat has medalled (yes, to medal is a verb in Olympic speak).  Owen and Max (of South Muskoka origins) were 3rd going into the last day of sailing and ended up 5th in a fleet that was full of really good sailors.  In coming 5th, Owen came out ahead of the two boats that had beaten him at the Big Sound Challenge earlier this Summer, as well as besting a Development team member…a big accomplishment and proof that Owen can sail with the best of his contemporaries.  

Megan came home with an 8th place overall, but earned a second Silver medal for SLSC by finishing as second place girl, missing the Gold by a whisker.  With Megan’s medal, this was the first time that SLSC has had multiple medals from two boats at the Games.

This was a great regatta: well organized and well run by friendly people in beautiful surroundings…Ontario’s northern rock in abundance.  A great experience for all of our participants and a very fine performance by them all.

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