Head Instructor Newsletter – August 22nd

As summer comes to a close, we must remember the good times had, and the good ones still to come……who am I kidding, the good times at school are nothing compared to the good times at club.  I would like to thank everyone in the community for all the support to the club this year and especially to the new instructors:  thank you for feeding us and making us feel like part of the community!  BUT, the summer is not over yet and we have a great last week planned of racing and fun in the sun.

Here’s what’s going on:

Prize Giving and AGM: Friday, August 27 @ 7p.m.
Certificates! Awards! Paddles! Pictures! Must be that time of year again! The bittersweet annual event, Prize Giving, will take place this Friday evening at Sturgeon Point Union Church (on Irene Ave.).  Always a fun and nostalgic event, it’s a great way to cap off another summer at SLSC. The 2010 Annual General Meeting will take place immediately after Prize Giving – all parents are welcome. And kids, while your parents stick around for the AGM, make your way down to the club for… The Sweetheart Dance! The one and only dance of the year that is ABSOLUTELY FREE!!! Don’t worry about wearing a costume – just show up in whatever you’re wearing.

Race Week
This is race week – a whole week dedicated to competing and learning about sailing competition. Essentially, this is a week long regatta with many different fleets based on experience.  Awards will be handed out at Prize Giving for the winners of the week.
This Wednesday…
… is a very special Wednesday. Unlike most Wednesdays this year, there will be no themed fun day, in order to allow for more races. And there will be no Wednesday Night Races either.

And remember, Wednesday is still PIZZA DAY! So make sure your parents pay our lovely Pizza Lady/Registrar Leslie $7.50 and eat delicious pizza after club.

Movie Night
Tuesday is movie night. Two movies will be shown in the Clubhouse: the first suitable for all ages and the second open to 13 year olds and up. The first movie begins at 6:30 and each movie costs a dollar. Please bring a reusable cup for juice.

Water bottles and bring things.
Just a reminder: bring a water bottle to Sailing Club because we have a water cooler that you can refill with if needed. Help us help you stay hydrated!
Also, on top of a lifejacket and proper footwear, please bring warm clothing and rain gear if possible – because unless it’s reeeaally bad weather, we’re going sailing! Oh and bring your sunscreen, because summer is still here!

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