Ontario Summer Games Postcript

This email was received from Glenn Lethbridge, executive director of Ontario Sailing on the Ontario Summer Games – some nice comments on a group of sailors that included our gang:

“Please accept my personal thanks to all the athletes, coaches, parents, volunteer drivers, club volunteers and the list goes on. The games went very well, and thanks to SYC for their efforts in supporting us over the week…

 I believe this was the best group of sailors we have ever taken to the OSG. Your personal respect for each other, the coaches, the rules and the club was one of my own memories that will stay with me for years to come.

If you go onto the games website you will find a section where there are a lot of pictures taken at the sailing venue. You are welcome to download and keep a copy.

I would like to thank Ashley, Murray, Shaun, Ethan and Tony for the outstanding coach support, Robert and his team at SYC and Pat and John for their on the water support.”

OSG Website Gallery of Photos:


OSG Final Results:


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