The Dinner and The Dessert: Devines’ 2010 Silver Plate Victory

What follows is Brenda Devine’s description of how the Devine family emerged victorious in the pressure filled competition for this year’s Silver Plate Award for the best instructor dinner of the 2010 season: a competition that left Chris practically speechless at prize giving, unable for the longest time to announce the winner for fear of offending any of the many wonderful families that fed the instructors this past summer…but there was little question that the Devines had put on a show like no other and, at post prize giving festivities, the invitation went out:  ‘Brenda, would you write up a blurb on The Dinner for the website:  The prelude to and the rolling out of The Dinner and all of the festivities that surrounded it.’  This was Brenda Devine’s response [editor’s note: no pressure on any of next year’s hosts to try in any way to match this evening.  A pleasant dinner and good company is what we are hoping for from our dinner hosts for the  ‘off Point instructors’, but this is a story of an evening that was truly memorable and uberfun for all of our instructors and hence a story well worth telling]:

The menu was set.  I had shopped and had the sailing instructors’ visit with us planned in my mind for the next day – water sports; dinner; a little Rock Band; and perhaps a bonfire.  It was to be relaxed, casual and fun. Little did I realize that the “relaxed” part was soon to change…

We went to dinner that night at Carole and John Shea’s, with the Smith family already present.  I soon found out the tall order that was expected of us.  Cameron Lake wanted to win the Silver Plate award for the third year running!!!  I was aware that the Shea’s had won last year, but I didn’t know that the Smith’s had won it the year before.  Jessica urged me to come up with a great dessert as she felt her ice cream cake was the key to their victory.  Not being a big dessert fan I recall my reaction:  “shoot, I was going to serve peaches and Kawartha Dairy ice cream!”  The pressure was on.  I had to come up with a dessert that would take us over the top.

After a late night, my family having retired to bed, I consulted with Martha Stewart.  I pulled out my current and past magazines and began my search for “The Dessert.”  And then, it appeared…Yes, right there staring at me from a recent issue, in an article describing a formal but festive dinner party for young adults (I believe for a graduation celebration), Martha had The Dessert…an Oreo cookie cake with sparklers that required no baking, just some creativity; I was elated.

The next morning, Colin drove Cameron to the sailing club with instructions NOT to come home without sparklers.  Off I went to Sobey’s to purchase 9 bags of Oreo cookies.  As it turned out, they were on special.  I took this as a good omen.  I arrived home and got creative building/constructing a three tiered cake with just cookies, and topped with towering sparklers jetting out from its center like a bouquet – the “icing” on the cake.  Cameron was pleased.  We were set and all looking forward to the instructors’ arrival, despite the cool weather.
As it turned out, we not only had champion sailing instructors this year but wakeboarders too.  With Evan as the official spotter, Ian impressed us by jumping wake to wake and ending his run with an expert 180 degree spin in the air.  Chris perfected wakesurfing in no time at all.  As rookies, Kate, Amy and Ellen all made mighty fine efforts, easily getting out of the water and crossing wakes.  Bravo to all!
After water sports, everyone enjoyed a nice dinner and fun conversation…and then, as we prepared to retire to the lake for a fire, we presented The Dessert: the Oreo cookie cake emerged with sparklers ablaze accompanied by peaches and Kawartha Dairy ice cream.  Off we all went with sparklers in hand to wind down the evening in celebration of another successful season at SLSC.

To our delight, we were awarded the best dinner at prize giving…hence the famed Silver Plate (HEY CAMERON LAKE, WE DID IT!!!).  Many thanks to the Smith’s and the Shea’s for their prior efforts and their much needed pressure to win it again this year.  Special thanks to Jessica for tipping me off to the importance of The Dessert.  The pressure now off, I can rest easy that I have done my part to extend Cameron Lake’s winning streak!
Thanks for the fun memories!!

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  1. Let’s hope that beautiful plate has a premium spot at the cottage (or better yet.. manhattan) for all to see and oooh and aaahhh!

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