Mid-Ontario 2009 – Results

Another great day of sailing.  Light winds to start the day and then ramping up to 23 kts before the RC called off the final Club 420 race and sent all boats in.  Laser full rig and Radial classes completed 7 races and the 420s 5 good long races. We have new champions in each of the three fleets.

Check out the Mids page for a list of prize winners, full regatta report, photos and results (or click on the link below for results).

Please be sure to send us your feedback on the Regatta.  Suggestions are always welcome.  You can send comments in the “Post a Comment” box.  Click on the heading to this entry and scroll down.  Thanks.

We look forward to welcoming sailors, coaches and chaperons back in two years.

Final results.

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8 thoughts on “Mid-Ontario 2009 – Results”

  1. To all at S.L.S.C.

    Thank you for a wonderful regatta with great race commitee work.
    Joe van Rossem.

  2. Hi there, I sure would like the results sent, so I can post them in our newsletter this week by Tuesday. My name is Scott Avery from the Sudbury Yacht Club, we had 2 Laser sailors and 1 Club 420 team there.
    PS. the pictures were great.

  3. Great regatta, and I’m not just saying that!
    Nick did a fantastic job on the race committee. I thought there were a couple of tough decisions that he had to make that he handled very well. He stayed in control and didn’t get caught up talking to competitors, which is always the nemesis of relatively inexperienced PROs. He showed leadership. I was very impressed.
    And, of course, there was the hospitality. The only problem with it is that I am constantly embarrassed by the fact that everyone knows my name and I can’t remember any. I have never been greeted so much by my first name. It is incredibly invigorating. I must remember to do that myself more often. If I could only remember!!

  4. We really enjoyed our time at Sturgeon Lake. Thanks again very much to the Wroe’s and all of the wonderful volunteers associated with the event. It is truly remarkable how everyone pulls together to pull it off.

  5. Thanks from the NYC to all of you for a well-organized regatta. Your community is noteworthy for their inclusive nature and warm hospitality. The racing was great! Sailors and chaperones, alike, enjoyed themselves.

  6. Thank you for hosting Hugh and me and all the other KYC group.  You were wonderful hosts,  and your Sturgeon Point community group did a marvelous job with this regatta – very well organized. 
    As a parent, I really enjoyed myself and as a spectator – it was great to be able to watch the race easily from the gov’t wharf.
    Thanks, Chris  

  7. Thanks to the extended family of SLSC for a great weekend. The hospitality and organization and generosity are amazing! As an occasional partticipant in these larger events, I came with a modest goal and am pleased to have actually beaten my expectations–we just don’t get to sail in those kind of waves in Sudbury or in fleets like this.
    From RC to harbour to lunch to tent-master to food to photos–you name it–a great job and many thanks from the Sudbury participants.

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