3rd Instructors’ Newsletter for 2009: Monday, July 20


Get ready for another great week of sailing! The start of the summer has been a huge success. Last week we had 45 amazing sailors come to enjoy the great weather and fantastic sailing. This summer SLSC is clearly the place to be!

Last weekend Owen, Sean and Ryan represented SLSC at the Fogh-Boorman regatta in Hamilton to great success (a first place for Ryan in the Byte class and a seventh for Owen and Sean in a very competitive 420 fleet). On Thursday and Friday, the junior race team was at Port Credit Yacht Club competing at the Steerers Regatta and this weekend the senior race team took over at the same club for the Four Sisters regatta. Rumours are circulating of anotherpodium finish [EDITOR’S NOTE: now confirmed: see Junior Race Team ‘Steers’ Golden Path!!] Well done guys!

Back on the home front we had a terrific week of sailing and fun. The Mosquito program has been a monster hit this year: it’s so great to see our smallest sailors doing so well (and they’re so cute too!).  Wednesday’s Treasure Hunt/Harry Potter Day was absolutely magical, the Tuesday movies were top-notch and the Hawaiian dance was grooving as usual.
But the summer has just begun! We have a jam-packed week ahead of us to look forward to, on top of one of the biggest weekends of the summer.

Here’s what’s up!

Mid Ontario Regatta

This weekend SLSC is hosting its bi-annual Mid-Ontario Regatta. Starting Saturday morning, 420, Laser and Radial sailors from all over the province will come to the small village of Sturgeon Point to compete. We are expecting around 200 sailors, so to call this competition GINORMOUS would be a clear understatement.

The Regatta won’t have a big effect on the normal Day program although Friday will likely be a very busy day at Club as the regular hustle and bustle of a big regatta begins. Sailors above the Bronze V level are encouraged to participate in this regatta – but if you’re not quite that experienced then don’t sweat it, we have ANOTHER regatta NEXT weekend that all are encouraged to compete in.

There has been a call for volunteers made by the organizers of the Mid Ontario Regatta.  If any of you parents are available to help with lunches or dinner on Saturday or have an extra bed or two at your cottage please contact the sailing club 887-5110.  Also, if you have a motorboat and are interested in helping on the water, that would be much appreciated as well (you’ll also get to watch some quality sailing!).  There are lots of ways to volunteer; this regatta can’t have too much help!


Movie Night/Dance

Tuesday is movie night. Two movies will be shown in the Clubhouse: the first suitable for all ages and the second open to 13 year olds and up. The first movie begins at 6:30 and each movie costs a dollar. Please bring a reusable cup for juice.

And of course, Friday is DANCE TIME. The theme this week will be determined by the Silvers. Starts at 7 – bring a dollar for admission and another couple bucks for pop/freezies.
The Silvers organize both of these events – so they will provide all the details!!
(Remember, if you have any questions about this you can call the club @ 887-5110)

Wednesday Night Races

After a one-week hiatus, Wednesday Night Races continue. So take a break after club, eat some dinner and then head back at 6 p.m. for some early evening sailing. Experienced and non-experienced racers will be paired up.

Fun Day on Wednesday and Pizza Lunch

This Wednesday is our third FUN DAY! This week it will be BALLOON DAY – an SLSC Classic. And there is a theme: CLOWNS! So dress up like your favourite funny man/woman and get ready to catch some balloons! It’s time to clown around.

And to top it off: Wednesday is PIZZA LUNCH!!! Make sure your parents pay our wonderful Pizza Lady, Leslie, and enjoy a delicious lunch after sailing on Wednesday.

Water bottles and bring things.

Just a reminder: bring a water bottle to Sailing Club because we have a water cooler that you refill with if needed. Help us help you stay hydrated!
Also, on top of a lifejacket and proper footwear, please bring warm clothing and rain gear if possible – because unless it’s reeeaally bad weather, we’re going sailing!  And don’t forget sunscreen – summer is surely coming this week!

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