Sunday Aft Races Are Back

The Sunday Afternoon Race Series is back this Summer. Races will be held July 5 (day before Club begins) and 12 and August 9 and 16. 

We are going with the same highly successful format as last Summer:  Show up on Sundays at 12:30, with or without a crew; we will assign boats and those without a crew will be matched up; races will be without spinnaker and trapeze;  individuals will carry their points from one Sunday to the next, regardless of who they sail with; at the end of the Summer, the sailor who has accumulated the most points under our scoring system and succeeded in dethroning the Commodore as defending champion will walk out of prizegiving with the world’s largest trophy. 

Perpetual paddles will also be awarded to the top junior, top lady, top parent, top Bronze Sail IV and under sailor and sailor showing the most perseverence.

All sailors are encouraged to participate, regardless of experience.  We will match more experienced with less experienced sailors to ensure that everyone gets safely around the race course.  The empasis on these races will be learning and friendly competition.  Adults and Juniors alike are welcome.  The first race each Sunday will start at about 1:30 pm.  A Notice of Race Series will be posted on the website on the Sunday Aft Page and on the  community notice board by the park.

2 thoughts on “Sunday Aft Races Are Back”

  1. Joe
    The Sunday Afternoon Race Series is run in our 420s, but you are certainly welcome to show up in your Laser >> and race with the fleet.
    Also, as part of the Civic Weekend Regatta held on August 1, we have a handicap fleet and I would really encourage you to show up with your Laser>> to sail in that fleet.

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