SLSC 2018: Chapter 6

Civic Holiday Regatta

Despite trying conditions – lots of sun, temperatures of 30°C, no wind at the beginning of the day, and over 500° of persistent wind shifts, we managed to get three races off in the 420, handicap, and Laser fleets, two for the Fevas, and one for the Picos.

Following their ‘dress-rehearsal’ last weekend at the Mid-Ontario Regatta, Amy and Kate were once again victorious in the 420 fleet at Civic #ReLivingTheGloryDays. In the Feva fleet, Isabella and Trinity won the regatta with two bullets #PowerTeam. David and Biz Agnew took home the gold in the handicap fleet, and (brace yourselves, are you sitting down?) Richard Roberts won the Laser fleet.

On our little course, Collin Alton-Weightman won the Pico fleet sailing solo, and Braden Taylor was our top WetFoot sailor of the regatta.

Congratulations to everyone who came out and thanks for toughing out the lack of wind and constant course shifts.


Tuesday Movie Night

This Tuesday at 6 o’clock in the new building. Bring a re-usable cup and a dollar to get in. Juice and popcorn will be served and there will be a second movie (also a dollar) for all those turning 13 by the end of the year (or older).


Wednesday: Poker Day

This Wednesday, we will teach our youngest sailors all about gambling #ShhhhhYouDidn’tHearThat (the older sailors are already pros, they’ve been doing this fun day for years). Each boat will start with two cards and sail to different points on the lake to collect the best possible poker hand. The boat with the best hand at the end of the day wins!


Friday: Toga Dance

*See ‘Saturday: Toga Dance’


Saturday: Toga Dance

To coincide with the Non-Gala Gala (see ‘Non-Gala Gala’), we have pushed back our weekly dance by one night #NoExcusesParents #BabysittingProvided. It will still start at 7 and ends at 9. Costs a dollar to get in and pop, freezies, and candy will be sold.


Non-Gala Gala

This Saturday, we are once again hosting the Non-Gala Gala. It is the party of the summer – you don’t want to miss it. It starts at 7. Bring your best dancing outfits (or a Toga?), and if you are able to bring an hors d’oeuvre (it would be greatly appreciated) please let me know!


Return of Sunday Afts

Sunday Afts are back this Sunday #Finally. Come down to the club for 1:30 and we will run a race for any fleet in which you would like to sail


Race Week Trophies

A reminder to all those who won awards during race week last year to get your names engraved before this year’s race week. Awards that need to be returned (and their winners) are below:

Lou Scholes Trophy: Jack DesBrisay and Meg Gilchrist

Directors Trophy: Nixon Francis and Jake Rix-Wilson (Returned already! Thanks!)

Crandella Cup: Sydney Szabunio

JD Trophy: Ava Hall, Briar Turner, Hanneli Carpenter

Jack Michie: Parker Marlin

Adam Quibell: Jack DesBrisay



August is cold (except this weekend apparently)! Please bring rain gear, other warm clothing you can wear on the water (no cotton), and a change of clothes for after sailing!

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