SLSC 2018: Chapter 7

Cottage Club and CORK

Last week, we sent 11 sailors to Stoney Lake Yacht Club to compete in Cottage Club Regatta. Our three Fevas dominated the four-boat fleet. Congratulations to Rowan and Ethan who came away with the gold. The 420 fleet was a much larger – 32 boats — and Ruby and Nixon managed to place fifth! Congratulations to all our racers.

Tomorrow morning, Ruby and Nixon are leaving for Kingston, where they will compete in CORK International. Wish them luck!

Sunday Afts

Despite painfully light conditions, we had two boats show up for Sunday Afts today – Sarah McKellar and Storey Wilkins. They managed to drift (skillfully) around a course and completed three (somewhat lengthy considering the short course) races. Congratulations to Sarah who took home the gold.

Tuesday Movie Night

Did you know that Century Theatres in Lindsay does a discounted night on Tuesday where all tickets cost $7? WHAT A BARGAIN. In order to compete, many years ago, the silvers decided to start Tuesday night movies for the low price of $1. Unfortunately, you don’t get to pick the flic, but you do get free popcorn and juice, and you get to cuddle with all your friends on mildly repulsive couches. Starts at 6, ends at 8 and there will be a second movie for all those who will turn 13 by the end of this calendar year for an additional dollar.

Wednesday Fun Day: Clue? Detective? Mystery? Crime?

We have concocted a new fun day (or are at least in the process of doing so)! Details (and a name) have yet to be ironed out, but it will be loosely based on the board game, Clue.  If anyone has any catchy ideas for a name, let me know! If by Tuesday night, we realize that we have failed to come up with adequate investigation-themed activities, then we may default back to ‘Poker Day’ which we missed due to stormy weather last week.

Club will end at 1:00 instead of 12:30 so that we can take some time to savour the pizza, lemonade, and ice-cream sandwiches brought to us by Christina Hall.

Wednesday Night: Bonfire

This Wednesday, we will have our annual bonfire/talent show. Your $5 entry fee includes two hot dogs and two s’mores, and pop and candy will be sold separately. It starts at 6:30 and ends at 9:00.

Friday Dance: Boy/Girl/Other

This Friday, come on down to the club dressed as another area of the gender spectrum! Boys, it’s time to dust off your heels and crack open the makeup box because this Friday you get to experience the many discomforts and struggles of women’s fashion. The girls’ cross-dressing experience is typically much easier, more comfortable, and more practical #WhoKnewPocketsWereSupposedToFitThings? It starts at 7, ends at 9, costs a dollar to get in, and pop, freezies, and candy will be sold for an additional cost.


We have reached the penultimate week of sailing club and somehow, we have not yet reached the usual chilly August weather. For some bizarre reason, we are supposed to have absolutely gorgeous weather all week #PerksOfGlobalWarming? However, just in case, please bring your foul weather gear to sailing club. We will sail even if it is absolutely miserable.

Lots of love,

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