SLSC 2017: Chapter 4

Our Favourite Northern Irish Pal

Last Friday was a day filled with heartbreak and sorrow, as we said goodbye to Molly-Rose, one of our CanSail 1 instructors. Many tears were shed as each sailor was hit with the realization that they might never again hear her super cool accent. To help fill the void that the absence of her voice will undoubtedly cause, we attempted to sing ‘Oh Canada’ in a Northern Irish accent #SoSorry #NeverAgain. True to the theme, attendance was “what’s your favourite thing about Northern Ireland?” and 78% of club-goers responded with “Molly” #Success. We all miss her and wish her the best teaching the rest of the summer at her yacht club back home #Traitor.



We had fourteen athletes sail Steerers last week! After a thunder storm, a lot of rain, even more borrowed foul weather gear, and a missed start sequence, I think everyone ended up having a great time. Congratulations to Micah and Ruby who came away with the gold, Parker and Nixon who took home silver, and everyone else for some incredible racing despite some very difficult circumstances.


North Americans

This week, our Sturgeon celebrities are off racing at North Americans. We wish Maija and Margaret the best of luck as they continue to excel in all their sailing endeavours.


Tuesday Movie Night

First movie starts at 6 and juice and popcorn will be served. Please note that this is a BYO cup event. I repeat: come with your own reusable cup. Entrance costs $1 and there will be candy for sale! If you are turning 13 by the end of the year, (or are older,) you are eligible to stay for the second movie! It costs an additional dollar but comes with $5 worth of fun #DealOfTheCentury.


Wednesday Fun Day: Definitely Not Verulam

This Wednesday we will DEFINITELY NOT be spending the day at Verulam. DO NOT bring a beach towel, snacks, sunscreen, or any other beach-going supplies. Because we are ABSOLUTELY NOT going to Verulam, please DO NOT pick up your kids at 2:00 to allow time for all the Verulam activities that we will CERTAINLY NOT be doing #Confused? #WinkWink #NotNOTVerulam 

Pizza will be served (NOT at Verulam) by the lovely Christina Hall #ForeverGrateful.


Wednesday Night: Bonfire

This year, the Silvers will be hosting the ‘Bonfire LITE’ as well as the annual bonfire and talent show. This bonfire pack (for the low price of $4.99 #CheaperThanEverBefore!!!) includes two hotdogs and 1 s’more, but we will save the talents for the second bonfire. It starts at 7 and ends at 9.


Friday Dance: Anything But Clothes

This Friday night is the ABC dance! Take off those traditional clothing items and don your finest ‘anything but.’ Best costume will win a prize, entrance costs $1, and there will be freezies, pop, and candy for sale.


Sunday Afts

The second Sunday afts of the season will be this Sunday, from 1 to 3. We will have a 420, a Laser, and possibly an Opti fleet. If you don’t have a partner, come down anyway and we will find you someone!


Lots of love,


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